TPMP: Delphine Wespiser heavily hit on by Benjamin Castaldi in front of his companion

Delphine Wespiser was heavily hit on by Benjamin Castaldi on the 6 to 7 set this Thursday, June 16. The two columnists played a game of seduction… under the gaze of Roger Erhart.

As the hot weather approaches in the Paris region, Cyril Hanouna had a thought for his columnists. Before starting his show this Thursday, June 16, he offered pool challenges. Singing Celine Dion with ice cubes in your swimsuit or even re-enacting the scene of Loana and Jean Edouard in Le loft story. A sequence that had marked the viewers a lot and that Delphine Wespiser had to redo twice. It was first with Valérie Benaïm that she lent herself to the game. A simple kiss which was very much appreciated by the other columnists present around them. However, when she had to redo this same scene with Benjamin Castaldi, Delphine Wespiser was a little reluctant. The reason ? The presence of his companion, Roger Erhart, in the audience. “My darling is in the audience today“, she launched before blowing a kiss to the camera. “I’m going to film this scene to send it to Aurore, Benjamin’s wife“, replied Cyril Hanouna, very amused. As she enters the pool alongside the columnist, the young woman recalls that “it’s the job“. The camera then shows Roger Erhart, very embarrassed but who nevertheless keeps his smile. For her part, Delphine Wespiser is content to kiss Benjamin Castaldi on the cheek. It’s eternal love“, she concluded.

Delphine Wespiser has shared her life with Roger Erhart for several years. Despite the many criticisms of which the couple is the subject, they do not hesitate to speak openly about their relationship and to affirm their love. In 50 Minutes Inside in March 2021, the young woman had confided to being very happy with him. “You really have to understand that everyone does what they want with their life.” she had first recalled when asked about their age difference. “JI can say that I fell in love while running. Because it’s true that before getting together he said to me ‘Here this afternoon you wouldn’t like to come and jog with friends in all good honor“, she continued. More recently, last April, she confided that she had lived through a very complicated period during which she had drunk a lot and from which she had been able to get out thanks to her companion. “He told me that I had worked a lot for my image, that I had to stop all that“, she remembered before adding that this recovery in hand has it”saved“.

Delphine Wespiser: why was her relationship with Roger Erhart difficult at first?

A few minutes later, it was on the set of the show that Delphine Wespiser confided in her relationship. While photos of the columnists’ parents were broadcast, Cyril Hanouna asked him how his family got along with Roger Erhart. “Good. At the beginning it was a little complicated but now it’s very good“, she said. Curious, the columnists quickly asked for details. What Delphine Wespiser explained: “When you bring a new darling home, it’s always complicated“, she concluded. Today, both have been spinning the perfect love for six years.

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