TPMP: Jérôme Commandeur with tears in his eye following the dithyrambic statement by Géraldine Maillet

Coming to present his new comedy, Irréductible, in Touche pas à mon poste this June 22, Jérôme Commandeur had the pleasant surprise of receiving an unexpected statement from Géraldine Maillet.

Emotion sequence for Jerome Commander in Do not touch My TV this June 22. The comedian had come to present his new film, Irreducible, in which he plays a civil servant transferred to the North Pole. In front of his friend Cyril Hanouna and his team, the actor did not hold back his laughter, and even had tears in his eye. While the columnists evoked the family comedy, Geraldine Maillet took the opportunity to declare his love to the 46-year-old actor. “With Jonathan Cohen […] you are the funniest man in France“, she begins.

Far from relativizing her words, Géraldine Maillet continues: “What I like about you is that you have a great sense of humor […] you are both trashy and refined, you are corrosive and elegant, you are delicate and schoolboy.“, and add: “In fact you have everything for me“. The director ofAfter continues his praise:The movie is perfect, super well written, very well acted“, she continues. Touched by these words, Jerome Commander reacts: “Me who looks at you from time to time, I understand why we have teardrops on this set“.

Valérie Benaïm: “Jérôme Commandeur knows how much I love him”

Valérie Benaïm also did not skimp on the compliments. “Jérôme Commandeur knows how much I love him, I love him“, she begins, before adding: “I think he’s an exceptional actor and an extra man“. The columnist then explains how much she liked the film, which she also finds very successful. And to conclude about the humor of the guest: “I never find him vulgar and always funny“. A second statement that moves Jerome Commanderwho has fun: “I did well to come“.

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