TPMP: Ludivine Rétory upsets the columnists by reporting the racist attacks of which she is the victim

On the Touche set not at my post, Friday May 6, 2022, Ludivine Rétory delivered a moving testimony. She assured to be the victim of racist insults, daily, on social networks.

The emotion was palpable on the set of Do not touch My TVFriday, May 6, 2022. The reason: the testimony of Ludivine Retory. The columnist of the show has once again assured to be victim of racist insults, daily, on social networks. She reacted to the veiled people of Rodez who were attacked. “Me, I get it all the time, every day on social networks“, she started at first before Benjamin Castaldi asked her to specify the nature of the insults she received on Instagram. “I have so many examples: ‘The monkey, go back to your savannah, with your big mouth, you do things in Hanouna…’“, she thus launched, very angry.

This is not the first time that Ludivine Rétory has spoken of the racist insults of which she is the victim. On the occasion of the broadcast, at the end of January 2022, of a report Blacks in Franceshe had made a few confidences on the set of 6 to 7. “There are obviously racist acts. But I don’t think France is fundamentally racist“, had all the same underlined the columnist before recalling that she was the victim of insults every day on the networks.That’ll be all, whether it’s about my accent…“, she confided before giving other examples.

Ludivine Rétory is angry at the insults she receives

My generous shapes… They tell me: ‘It’s normal, at the same time, at home, it happens like that. You at home…’ That’s how it is. It’s systematic.” Words that had shocked the people present on the set.


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