Triumph for Charlene's rival?  Caroline is said to benefit from a prenup

Like the French magazine Voici wrote a few days ago Charlene and Prince Albert II agreed on their future together. Although the princess is said to be moving her main residence to Geneva soon, she has to appear at her husband’s side at official events, it is said. In the future, it will also collect 12 million euros in annual appanage and be provided with its own staff. However, their two seven-year-old children are staying with their father in Monaco, the magazine reports.

Also a separate clause regarding Charlène’s sister-in-law Caroline should have been included in the contract. Like the German PICTURE now reported, it is rumored that she was not uninvolved in the contract.

Caroline of Monaco: Benefits of Charlene’s contract?

In the alleged contract between Charlène and her husband, a number of things were probably negotiated that are unlikely to be confirmed in public. There should also be a clause of its own that states that the former professional athlete no longer has to meet her sister-in-law Caroline.

There was repeated whispering that there was an ice age between the two royals because Albert’s sister saw herself as the real princess. In addition, she is said to have not always made it easy for the ex-Olympic participant in the palace.

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