TV celebrity and art historian Sis van Rossem (77) passed away

Art historian and TV personality Sis van Rossem has passed away. That reports the magazine Maarten! for which she worked. She was best known for program Here are the Van Rossemsin which she visited cities with her brothers Maarten and Vincent van Rossem and talked about special places.

Van Rossem (77) died on Wednesday, reports Martin! Two days earlier, she had been admitted to a hospital in Utrecht after a fall in her home.

Sis van Rossem, who was actually called Mary, became known to the general public in 2015 through the first season of Here are the Van Rossems† The series attracted more than a million viewers. The eighth season is currently being broadcast and the recordings for the next series have already started.

Authentic and critical

For the magazine Maarten! she has been writing columns since 2018. Former editor Ieke Schout looks back on the collaboration on the magazine’s site. According to her, the art historian was honest, authentic and always critical. “Working with Sis required a considerable layer of calluses on the soul. A small textual intervention could already be a reason to get rid of it mercilessly by e-mail. freshman correct.'”

Nevertheless, Schout emphasizes that it was never Van Rossem’s intention to hurt. Her columns were devoured by the readers, Schout writes.

TV success

According to the former editor, Sis van Rossem had a leading role in Here are the Van Rossems. †Her expertise in art history was impressive and the way she put her brothers in their place when needed aroused recognition and admiration.”

Despite her TV success, writing was much more important to Van Rossem. “Writing is my deep love. I have written all my life, even as a small child. Since the age of 25 I have written the day off from me every evening. This way I can finish the day and go to bed in peace,” she told Schout.

In the talk show Op1, Van Rossem explained two years ago why she participated in the TV program with her brothers:

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