Two Stranger Things heroes have a marriage pact: "If at 40..."

Noah Schnapp is the “childhood friend” that Millie Bobby Brown never had!

If in season 4 of Stranger ThingsWill Byers has a heart that is visibly racing for Mike, in real life, Noah Schnapp is especially close to Millie Bobby Brown. A friendly and platonic relationship… but with a marriage pact at stake!

We figured if we’re not married at 40, then we’ll get married together…because we’d be good roommates. It would be completely platonic. But we’d be great roommates“, assures Millie Bobby Brownbefore specifying that this hypothetical marriage would be childless: “No kids though, because I couldn’t take care of one of your kids Noah! That would be my dealbreaker!laughs the young actress.Only dogs. And separate bedrooms, of course. ‘Cause you mess up everywhere !”

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Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp then recount having succeeded in “build a beautiful friendship. You are also one of the oldest friends I have ever had. I don’t know if you knew this, but I didn’t grow up in school so I didn’t have any childhood friends. So you really are like a childhood friend to me.”

An alchemy that the two manage to transcribe on the screen: “I love being at work and stuff, because when you have fun with your partners, you can do a better job.” resumes Noah Schnapp. “We encourage each other. It’s good to have this support.”

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