Two-time Louis d'Or winner Hans Croiset stops acting

“It’s been enough. I’m 86, continuing any longer would be ridiculous. Many people will not be able to imagine it, but playing an evening is top sport. I notice that I am getting too old for that; you go a little bit every day That’s why I want to stop before I become a nuisance to my colleagues.”

Croiset comes from an actor’s family. He is the first son of actor and director Max Croiset and actress Jeanne Verstraete and the older brother of actor Jules Croiset. He is also a cousin of the actor Coen Flink, who died in 2000 (one of the grandfathers in To watch out!!!) and television director Guus Verstraete Jr., who died in 2017.

‘King role in The Father’

Croiset made his theater debut in 1953 in the play The tamed shrew at the Rotterdam Theater. Since then he has appeared in almost a hundred stage roles with various companies and in films such as A Bridge too Far on Operation Market Garden in World War II. He also directed plays and operas and was also a theater director. He was the founder of the Publiekstheater (later Toneelgroep Amsterdam), Het Nationale Toneel and Het Toneel Speelt.

Twice in his career he won the prestigious Louis d’Or stage award for best male actor. In 1980 for his role in Antigone and the last time in 2017 for his role as the demented André in The father† Croiset plays a king role as André in The father, the jury praised him. “Perfectly acted down to the millimeter, he shows his great craftsmanship with conviction.”

From 14 May, a documentary about Hans Croiset can be seen on YouTube, made by comedian Freek de Jonge and his wife Hella, a niece of Croiset.

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