Two ways to enjoy love (temporarily)

French writer Catherine Cusset – photo above – could have called “The Definition of Happiness” “The Definition of Unhappiness”. It would only make a small difference.

Clarisse and Ėve.

Two women who only meet when they are old (although, without realizing it, they have always been very close). They are observed individually: from youth to their 50s.

Two women and two ways to feel happy, at times. Two ways to try to deal with adversity suffered.

Clarisse’s story is the complicated one. She experiences intense love as momentary happiness. Beautiful moment! Do not pass away.

But their husbands abandon them, just as their mother was abandoned in the past.

Her husband says goodbye with his best friend. The next partner is manic-depressive and just disappears, having also become nice friends with Clarisse’s three children…

The psychologist says: “There is something structural about being abandoned. Something that repeats like a pattern from generation to generation.”

Clarisse wants to be a nomad and “poach in the territories of time.” In doing so, she falls from one trap to the next – like when she was 16 years old when she thought a boy was in love with her, while he made sure that Clarisse could be raped by his cousins.

Your happiness is intense and short. She doesn’t plan. She changes jobs like men, with her last husband, a flea market dealer, it’s all about his body. After that she is addicted

Never mind that this guy is stupid, unmannerly, brutal.

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