Ultra-realistic raptor claw for Jurassic World 3: There are only 1000 pieces worldwide

If you ask fans of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World which dinosaurs are the most terrifying creatures in the films, then the T Rex and the Raptor in the front seats. Exactly these two dinosaurs are therefore also the focus of a new collector’s edition, which is available exclusively from online retailer Zavvi in ​​time for the start of the film Jurassic World 3: A New Age.

Zavvi is a large and popular merchandise retailer that is checkout just as uncomplicated as, for example, with Amazon. The replica set is strictly limited and officially licensed.

Buy the Raptor Claw Limited Collector’s Set here

To the deal

Limited to 1,000 pieces: what does the Jurassic World replica set offer?

That Limited collector’s set includes a replica Velociraptor Claw *, a T-Rex fang and a map of Isla Nubar. All parts of the set come in a stylish box with a Jurassic Park design, which allows you to safely store your new treasure when you don’t want to display it directly.

This particular edition is worldwide to 1,000 copies limited and also officially licensed. Both the Velociraptor and the T-Rex are among the central antagonists of the Jurrassic Park series, which is why the set should be a real eye-catcher for fans.

Buy Raptor’s Claw: All the facts about the Jurassic Park Limited Edition Replica Set

Why is the set worth it for Jurassic Park fans?

Although the replica set is very cheap, it still lacks nothing in terms of value. The replica of the raptor claw and the T-Rex tooth made of synthetic resin make the collector’s items a real and strictly limited eye-catcher. Incidentally, the set is only available from Zavvi.

  • Guaranteed authenticity and limitation: It is an officially licensed product, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.

  • box: The set comes in a stylish Jurassic Park themed box for you to store the collectibles.

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