Un, dos, tres: before the return of the cult series, the actors have (almost) not changed

While the release of the UPA Next series – namely the sequel to Un, Dos, Tres – is still desired in France, zoom in on the actors of the cult program today.

In December 2021, the audiovisual group Atresmedia created a surprise by announcing the imminent return of the series Un, Dos, Tres, a real Spanish nugget of six seasons and 130 episodes broadcast between 2002 and 2005. Thus, the first hour fans were glad to hear that Carmen Arranz’s School of Performing Arts was set to reopen in a spin-off series titled UPA Next, in reference to the original program, which was not named Un, Dos, Tres in Spain but Un Paso Adelante. Aficionados will remember the group formed by Lola, Silvia, Roberto and the others entitled UPA Dance, which also stemmed from the name of the series.

It is one of the most important phenomena in Spanish fiction in recent decades. We wanted to recover the brand but with a project that we would be really passionate about“, explained the deputy director of the Atresmedia group in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Thing promised, thing due, the Iberian public was able to discover, from September 9, 2022 on the Antena 3 channel, the six 20-minute episodes that make up the series UPA Next, and in which they found familiar faces like Lola (Beatriz Luego), Silvia (Monica Cruz), Roberto (Miguel Angel Munoz) or the one and only Carmen Arranz, played by Lola Herrera , now 87 years old.

Un, Dos, Tres: the synopsis of its spin-off series

The synopsis of this sequel? “More than 15 years passed when Roberto returned from the United States with the idea of ​​setting up a musical featuring the hits of UPA Dance. The reunion with Silvia and Lola, however, does not go as planned when life has taken them far apart. Nevertheless, the illusion of putting together this musical brings them together again. They decide to organize new school entrance exams where they will discover a multitude of new young dancers, singers and composers ready to make the school vibrate with a new rhythm.. An enticing program coupled withan equally engaging trailer, which makes it possible to note that the actors have hardly changed in 17 years. Unfortunately, for the French public, it seems it will be necessary to be patient before discovering the entirety of UPA Next…

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