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Unique fantasy film on Amazon Prime gives you goosebumps even in the blazing sun

Unique fantasy film on Amazon Prime gives you goosebumps even in the blazing sun

If you are a fantasy fan looking for a suitable film in view of the approaching holiday season, you will find it on Amazon Prime: Because there, deep hidden in the program catalogue, you will find a film extraordinary genre filmwhich you have probably never seen before in this form: Spring – Love is a Monster.

Jump on Amazon Prime: A fantasy detour filled with horror and emotion

After a personal tragedy, American Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) flees to Italy in the fantasy film Spring. As a backpacker, he wants to distract himself from his problems in a beautiful landscape under the burning southern sun. In the end, however, it is a woman who changes his mind: he falls in love with the student Louise (Nadia Hilker). Despite their initial rejection, the two grow closer. But the beautiful young woman has an extremely disturbing secret.

Get an impression of Spring on Amazon in the trailer

Spring – Trailer (German) HD

who that Directing duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson knows that the two like to go their own way. They proved their sci-fi skills in time travel high Synchronic and mindfuck secret The Endless. But fantasy and horror elements are also part of her profession. Most recently, they shot two episodes of the Marvel series Moon Knight. You can now marvel at the fusion of different genres in her early work Spring – Love is a Monster from 2014 on Amazon.

Spring on Amazon is everything: fantasy, horror and romance

Even if Spring obviously enjoys his seedy fantasy paths has, plays one at the same time fair amount of horror with in. It quickly becomes clear that Evan’s new girlfriend Louise is doing something wrong. What exactly is going on with her remains a mystery for a long time.

Spring: Love is a Monster – now on Amazon Prime

Spring draws a lot of his fascination from one, always only briefly flashing transformation. However, whenever we think we have understood it, it suddenly takes a new direction. What we see often goes in the body horror direction, but sprinkles its fleeting glimpses of blood, slime, hair and tentacles pleasantly stingy – so that we can eagerly throw ourselves into our own theories until shortly before the end.

But even if the teasing hints fuel the lasting joy of guesswork, loses Spring in the process never lose sight of the love story. In the end, this results in a unique mix that fantasy fans on Amazon Prime should not miss.

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