Unique love letters from young Bob Dylan up for auction


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42 Bob Dylan love letters sold at auction in Boston. A Portuguese bookstore in Porto paid the equivalent of 650,000 euros for the letters that Dylan wrote from the age of sixteen to eighteen to childhood sweetheart Barbara Ann Hewitt.

At that time, from 1957 to 1959, Dylan was still called Robert Zimmerman. It was years before his big breakthrough as an artist. Little is known about that period, but the letters provide a unique insight.

Robert was in love with Hewitt at the time and in the letters you can read that he asks her out to a Buddy Holly performance. And he writes poems for her.


According to the auctioneer, you can see the transformation from Robert Zimmerman to Bob Dylan in the letters. He writes that he is thinking about changing his name. In fact, his letters invariably end with the words “Love, Bob”.

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He also fantasizes about selling millions of records. Since 1962, that dream has come true; in total, the singer sold 125 million records.

Hewitt always kept the 42 handwritten letters, totaling 150 pages. She found her daughter after her death in 2020.

The Portuguese bookshop will store the letters in the archive. The store has promised that the letters will remain available for Dylan fans to view.

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