United Arab Emirates ban 'Lightyear' because of lesbian kisses

In the United Arab Emirates comes light year not in the cinemas. The Country’s Censorship Office writes on Twitter that the animated film does not meet the “standards” of the country, which according to various American media is because two female characters in the film kiss.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film has also been banned in Saudi Arabia, but variety says the film was never submitted there for censorship purposes. A Malaysian cinema also makes clear on Facebook that light year is not going to run.

From Wednesday is light year to be seen in the Netherlands. It is a spin-off of the well-known Toy Storyseries, where toys come to life. The character Alisha Hawthorne is said to be kissing her female partner in a montage scene.

human rights

Disney would have wanted to delete that same scene sooner, but reversed that choice after an outcry among employees of subsidiary Pixar. They sent a letter to the top of Disney in March, which they said accused to censor homosexual expressions in films.

In recent years, countries from the Middle East have been seeking to approach the West, for example by promoting tourism and organizing major sports tournaments. It leads to criticism, because the human rights situation hardly seems to improve.

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