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Two episodes of the biblical show The Chosen – season 3 have been released in American cinemas.

Black Panther 2 rest topped the US weekend box office, thanks to an additional $67.3 million earned in 4,396 theaters. That’s a lot, but it still represents a 63% drop from its strong start. That’s about average first-weekend-to-next-weekend declines for recent Marvel (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and Spider-Man: No Way Home hovered around 67%), but it’s still disappointing for Black Panther, the first of which had held up well in February 2018. Starting at 202 million in revenue, it had won 111 million the following weekend, a drop of only 44.7%. Note that Wakanda Forever is still a global success, since it has already crossed 500 million dollars worldwide. Disney does not hesitate to spoil its plot ten days after its release, by offering its own “character poster” official to the new interpreter of Black Panther (Shuri, played by Letitia Wright), a marketing technique already used for a surprise character from Eternalsby Chloe Zhao, last year.


Four new features make it into the top 10: The menuseries The Chosen – season 3episodes 1 and 2, She Said and Srishyam 2. The first is a thriller carried by Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult, which collected 9 million dollars for 3211 screens. The first two episodes of the religious series, which traces the life of Jesus Christ since 2017, are exceptionally offered at the cinema by Frathol Events, which is thus surfing on the public’s interest in this show, the first two seasons of which have already been designed largely through crowdfunding. Films based on the Bible represent an important phenomenon in the United States, and this series is a continuation of that. Then, the film based on the Wenstein affair, led by Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan collecting testimonies from victims, starts in sixth position with only 2.2 million dollars earned in 2022 theaters. A disappointing start for this independent production, like those of Without filter or of Tar, in the United States, which are little seen by the adult audience they target, despite excellent reviews. They should all be in the running for the Oscars though. The production of Bollywood Drishyam 2 is it 9th, thanks to 1 million dollars collected in only 305 rooms.

Among the continuities, black adam and Ticket to Paradise hang in the top 10, the first thus passing the 150 million dollars in the United States. Note that Dwayne Johnson praised the Black Panther 2 teamdespite the direct competition between these two projects. “Of course (that I’m happy for them)!, he tweeted last week. It’s always a victory when our business succeeds. Everyone benefits when the box office is pumped up. Achieving box office success is a tough thing to do, and it’s always good to see talented, hard-working people accomplish that.”

US box office weekend November 18-20, 2022:

US box office: Black Panther 2 still dominates;  a tv series invites itself on the podium!
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