UUUU!  is not a boo, TivoliVredenburg explains with a poster to artists


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Posters have been hanging in concert hall TivoliVredenburg since this week that explain to artists about the Utrecht U-call during performances. Several performers were startled by the shouting as they believed they were being booed.

The U shout was originally used by supporters of FC Utrecht in the stadium to show that they are proud of the city. The exclamation, with accompanying hand gesture, has now also made its appearance at other events and in concert halls.

“It started about six years ago, but after corona it has increased considerably. There were concerts again and many visitors were very excited,” a spokesman for TivoliVredenburg tells. RTV Utrecht.


The U-call usually starts when the artists drop the word Utrecht. Musicians then think they are dealing with a dissatisfied audience, but at the same time see that everyone is happy. That leads to confusion. “What are you booing about?I love your city!“, according to RTV Utrecht, British punk singer Frank Carter recently reacted with surprise.

According to the spokesperson, other artists were also shocked, such as Merol, Eefje de Visser and Nations of Language. “UUU is mainly called by Dutch or hip-hop artists.”

The outcry has sparked controversy on social media. For example, a part thinks that it does not belong in a concert hall. TivoliVredenburg knows the discussion. “We don’t want to and can’t ban this. It’s better to embrace it and explain it.”

“That’s a good thing, right?”

That is what happens with the explanation poster, which states that the artists are not booed, but that the shouting means that Utrechters are proud of their city and that the public is happy that the artist is in Utrecht.

The poster has already had an effect, says the spokesman. “When artists have heard it they now say: ‘Oh yeah, that’s a good thing right?So it seems to be working.”

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