Fourth Dose

The Ministry of Health (Minsal) announced the new groups that can receive the inoculation against coronavirus. Thus, the dates of the Vaccination Schedule which starts this week from Monday June 20th.

It should be remembered that inoculation is currently essential, given the rise in positive cases that has been seen in recent weeks in the country. In addition, it is necessary for those who want to update their Mobility Pass.

Vaccination schedule for this week

Fourth Dose

The Vaccination Calendar from June 20 will continue to have the Fourth Dose as the main one in the inoculation process. As reported by the Minsal, this week they will be able to receive it over 18 years of age who have received their Booster Dose until January 30.

Fourth Dose

In addition, this will also be considered this week immunocompromised people and health system workers. They must have received booster dose until at least January 30.

Booster Dose

In addition to the Fourth Dose, this week’s Vaccination Schedule will also consider the first Booster Dose. This will apply to people who have their complete inoculation scheme until February 27.

other groups

In addition to the previous groups, vaccination of the first dose will also continue for people 3 years of age or older. Along with this, the second dose to those who have been vaccinated with Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Pfizer at least 28 days ago.

If you want to review the vaccination points throughout the country and the service center closest to you, You can visit the official map published by the Ministry of Health.


The Mobility Pass was blocked for those people who, due to the Vaccination Calendar, could receive their Fourth Dose but have not done soeither. In case you want to reactivate it, you must update your inoculation scheme.

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