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Mario Vargas Llosa (Writer)

Exercises like that of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in Mexico, should serve as an example to him that not all leftist rulers act with the radicalism that terrifies him so much.

The election of Gustavo Petro, in Colombia, does not have to be, as he said, an “amendable and correctable accident”. It was a popular decision.

Emmanuel Macron (President of France)

The fact that he lost the absolute majority in Parliament does not bind him hand and foot to govern.

You can find allies to promote your government program. But it is clear that the progress of the left front and the spectacular rise of the extreme right in the legislative elections is a message that cannot be ignored.

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Damiana Correa (Mother David de los Santos)

She does not feel that the beating death of her son in a police station has been acted with the speed that the case deserves.

The missteps in the investigation and the course of the process have led her to express her mistrust of justice. Her manifestation is a sign that the authorities must take into account.

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