Venom 3 is coming: Tom Hardy is already teasing the scenario on his Instagram account

Still with Kelly Marcel writing.

Mentioned by Amy Pascal last December, then confirmed in April at CinemaCon, the next film Venom make great strides. Tom Hardy just posted an image of the script on his Instagram account. As for Venom: Let There be Carnagethis is a story by Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel, but it is the latter (who was already officiating on the first Venom) which is credited alone to the screenplay. Sign that this the 3rd film will be in the continuity of the first two…

That’s pretty much all the info we have at this time on Venom 3. The identity of the director who will take over from Ruben Fleischer and Andy Serkis is not known, nor is the plot or the name of the villain who will serve as Eddie Brock’s antagonist. At the end of Let There be Carnage, we saw him make a passage in the universe of Spider-Man, where he discovered the identity of Peter Parker on television. But it’s too early to know if this future film will clearly set foot in the MCU.

No filming or release date has yet been announced. But we can imagine that Venom 3 will arrive after the next films of Sony’s Spider-Man universe which outline a probable Sinister Six project: Kraven the hunter (January 2023), Madame Web (July 2023) and El Muerto (January 2024).

The first two Venom had been a worldwide box office success, grossing $850 million and $500 million respectively. the Morbius by Jared Leto did not experience the same fortune, and has even just flopped a second time in theaters!

Morbius went out to the cinema this weekend… and flopped again!

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