"Vernon Subutex" as a survivor comic

© Luz / Reproduct Verlag

The French three-parter drawn by Luz

from Peter Pisa

It will go on somehow: The French cartoonist Luz would have liked to have thought like that after the attack on the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” in 2015. (He survived by celebrating his wife’s birthday and oversleeping the editorial meeting.)

It will go on somehow: Vernon Subutex – above – can do that. He reconciles himself with the world by his principle being: act as if nothing happened.


“Vernon Subutex” is the novel by Virginie Despentes, a three-part series about the former record dealer who loses his job, home and friends and, during his crash, meets other failed people, lonely and tough ones.

The narrative is mosaic-like, and the style and colors of Luz’ comic adaptation are constantly changing. His fear that after the murder of his “Charlie Hebdo” friends he would never again be able to design a blank sheet of paper in a meaningful way has probably been conquered.

Luz and Virginie Despentes:
Translated by
Lilian Pithan.
Reproduct Publisher.
Part One.
304 pages.
40.10 euros

KURIER rating: **** and half a star

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