Victória Villarim poses with her back and shows her body

The model and ballerina Victoria Villarim attracted a collection of praise on social media, after sharing clicks on the beach. In Pernambuco, the famous appeared from the back, in devastating and very striking poses.

In the records, she appears with a very thin heat piece, which further highlighted her healed and defined curves. When you see the post, fans of Eduardo Costa’s ex-partner surrounded her with praise.

“I say that this woman should be on the cover of Vogue, she is too hot”, praised a young man. “There’s no way we can’t go crazy for a woman like that”, highlighted the second. “Damn, what perfection”, praised the last one.


Inside A Fazenda 12, Victoria Villarim commented on shooting lessons and surprised some netizens with the revelation. At the time, her ex-boyfriend, Paulo Rapuano told the newspaper O Dia that the famous choice for the course was to protect herself from the dangerous world.

“We live in Brazil and I have a house in Jundiaí and she has a house in Cotia. We’ve lived together since the beginning of the year and it happens that when I go to work, Victoria is alone in the house in the middle of the woods and it’s very complicated. But this was actually an idea, an idea that doesn’t go forward. She took that shooting course, which everyone can take, but I don’t want to have a gun in the house at all,” he pointed out.

In addition, the businessman, when asked about Eduardo Costa, did not hide some statements and said that Victoria would have suffered with the singer.

“At the beginning of our relationship, she opened up to me a lot and said that she didn’t have a healthy relationship, she was persecuted and she even had to appeal for a protective measure against him and Eduardo even hired a detective to stay on her tail. Anyway. I’m not jealous of him and she doesn’t want to have her name attached to it anymore, although it has generated a lot of media. But, she doesn’t want more, and neither do I. For me it’s a subject that doesn’t even exist”, he said.


It is worth noting that Victoria has a defined and curvy body. On social media, she answered about a lipo HD and said she was looking forward to the final result.

“Yes, I’m already loving the LAD result. We’re not even 3 months old yet and I’m already super satisfied. Can you imagine with 6 months for the final result? As you know, I’ve always trained and taken care of my body, but there’s always something to change, right? That’s called “woman” haha ​​we’re never satisfied… and that’s ok”, he told fans.

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