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A few days ago, an ultramarathon runner named Chris Randall went climbing a mountain in Wasdale, Cumbria (UK) and lived a terrifying moment with a Brocken spectrum.

Brocken Specter: Jock Chris Randall meets one in Wasdale

The trekking that the athlete did was done in the Red Pike’s Solitude, located in the Lake District. And suddenly, he saw to his left something that it shocked him.

Although he thought that I was a ghost at first amazed and afraid he decided to film it with his phone and realized that he was witnessing a strange natural phenomenon.

“My first ‘Brocken Specter’. It’s creepy to see it through the rcorner of the eye and think it was someone else moving”. He posted the mountaineer on his Twitter account.

What he saw was a blurred shadow on the clouds with a halo of light around it. What looked like some kind of spectrum emerging from the mist.

‚ÄúThis is the first time I have witnessed this strange effect. My shadow seemed to measure several miles above the valley.” He said about what is known as “the specter of the Brocken” or “specter of the mountain”.

What is it and why does the natural phenomenon occur?

The peculiar phenomenon occurs when it’s foggy and the sun shines behind a person. What creates a kind of reflection or shadow on the fog.

Also, due to the light Diffraction, around the silhouette appears a kind of aura. Which occurs when sunlight reflects on suspended water droplets.

The origin of the Brocken spectrum dates back to the 18th century. when the scientist Johann Siberschlag saw this phenomenon for the first time on a peak in the Harz Mountains in Germany. Since then, the natural optical illusions fascinated everyone equally, and other cultures took these figures as part of their mythology.

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It occurs only when certain weather characteristics coincide. For this, there must be presence of a light mist or mist.

Meanwhile, the day has to be sunny, or at least slightly, and cwith the Sun behind the person observing it. appearing a rainbow around the figure.

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