Visitors: Simon Astier signs an SF comedy from elsewhere (review)

A love letter to the genre, a fun and nostalgic adventure, to discover today on Warner TV.

after madness Hero Corpwhich spanned nearly a decade, Simon Astier tackles a new genre series. The Warner TV channel entrusted him with his very first original French creation and he imagined Visitors, a pure science-fiction comedy that plays tightrope walkers between the two worlds. After being presented in preview at the Series Mania festival last March, it is officially launched today on Warner TV.

There is in Visitors a form of assumed pastiche, Kad & O style at the time of Pamela Rose. A tribute to X Files Where Invasion of the Defilerswhich caricatures with tenderness the depths of America and its clichés, those that line the film and TV culture of the last fifty years. Simon Astier puts on his costume as a sheriff’s deputy of a small town in Kentucky (or another state approaching it). Richard, a former boss of a video game store, has dropped everything to join the police. But on the eve of his first day, two strange lights collide in the sky. Was it a UFO, as claimed by the old farmer whose field was devastated by the crash? Despite himself, Richard will find himself embroiled in an unclassified case…

With more or less subtle winks, Simon Astier signs a love letter to SF and American pop-culture turned to the stars. As he had done around the comics with Hero Corphe plays with all these 80’s or 90’s references, in a euphoric series, doped with nostalgia, with astonishing cinematographic aesthetics.

The mysteries of the extraterrestrials are not only secondary, and provide solid support for the rest of the farce. Because Visitors is a successful fantasy comedy. We honestly laugh. First, perfectly aligned shots. Then thanks to the cast brought together to make earthy second knives: from Grégoire Ludig as a TV presenter more Rican than Fox news, to David Marsais as an FBI agent, via Vincent Desagnat, Arnaud Tsamère, Tiphaine Daviot or Jérôme Niel. Wrapped in her sci-fi costume, Visitors is not afraid of the valve, skilfully wielding the third degree, in line with what Idiots did so well…

Visitors, in 8 episodes of 26 minutes, to see in France on Warner TV.

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