Rafael Carvalho

After some rumors involving an alleged relationship with a man, vitão denied the rumors and said he doesn’t like labels.

In conversation with journalist Lucas Pasin, from Splash UOL, Luísa Sonza’s ex again opened up about his personal life.



“I don’t even like to define myself within some acronym. I run away from labels. I don’t define myself as straight, bi or gay, I’m everything… They give unreasonable importance to my sexuality. Who we sleep with or are attracted to shouldn’t be so important to others. People’s freedom or not, the places they can or cannot go, friendships, everything in life seems to be determined from that. This should be of minor importance”, he commented.

Divulging his new songs, the singer revealed that he is aware that he lives in a sexist, oppressive society full of prejudice. “Obviously, a lot of people need this to establish themselves. We live in an extremely homophobic society. We live in a society where I feel good about being a nuisance. I like to bother. It’s a shitty society”, he reported.

don’t like rules

At just 23 years old and with a lot of personality, Vitão recently told Gshow that he is not the type of guy who follows rules. In addition to dismissing etiquette lessons, he also clarified that he is a fan of farting and burping in front of people, in a humorous tone.

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“We live boxed in by some very bizarre rules that I don’t agree with, like the rules of etiquette, for example. I like farting and belching in front of others, swearing… I think we have to be more cheerful and good-humored. I feel more and more free. This stage of understanding myself at times shocks people. In others it causes anger and amazement in people. In some it causes love and compassion and that part is what matters”, he commented.

romance with man

It is worth noting that Vitão had already denied rumors that he was in a gay romance. According to him, they spread false prints on the web, related to this. Still according to the singer, even if it were true, it would be something totally his.

“Yesterday, a lot of people sent me a lying article about my personal life – that I should live in peace. They sent me an article with a supposed conversation with a guy, who doesn’t even exist. They created a fake print, another fake print in my life”, he admitted.

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