Vitão opens up about sexuality: “understood in other ways”

The singer vitão definitely has been going through a defining moment in his life after being the subject of several controversies in the last year. The artist revealed that he began to rethinking issues surrounding your sexuality.

In a conversation full of sincerity with GQ magazine, Vitão opened his heart and said that questioning his heterosexuality is being “liberating”. He also revealed that the period of self-knowledge made him open his horizons in several ways.

“I don’t know exactly where I fit in. Until then I always saw myself as a straight man, I always liked women, but more and more I understand that maybe sex is more than just that”, she evaluates.

Without citing exactly how he sees himself at the moment or about experiences with other genres, the artist added: “I have understood myself in other ways, I relate to different people and that’s a lot. I’m dating myself, a moment of self-knowledge”.

Currently shining among the participants of Dança dos Famosos, in Caldeirão with Huck, the singer said that went through difficulties during his relationship with Luísa Sonza and came to see himself lost in his career.

“My personal life has taken on a greater proportion than my music. My shows suffered from difficulty selling tickets. Before, any place was wonderful and crowded. Now I’m in a phase of recovering in every way. Recover a place of respect as an artist and my self-esteem. In a way they took that away from me,” she explains.

change of opinion

In recent months Vitão, who is 22 years old, has made it clear that he has indeed undergone an internal change. He recently used his Twitter profile to reflect on the use of makeup, which for him goes beyond sexuality and gender.

“I have realized that putting on makeup is much more than just wearing makeup, it has a much greater meaning. It becomes communication, a struggle for ‘being able to be and exist’ as one wants, this for everyone, the human race, goes beyond sexuality, gender or any other division”, he said.

“I’m going to talk a lot about this in the coming times, my new release will communicate a lot of that too, the end of a tide of hate that I faced in my life to enter another moment where I can be many ‘me’ in one. We can transform ourselves, be walking metamorphoses,” he concluded.

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