Viviane Araújo gets emotional when talking about motherhood

Viviane Araújo you are living the most special moment of your life. Currently at 47 years of age, the actress is finally fulfilling her biggest dream: to be a mother. She has spoken about her happiness on several occasions and, when commenting once more about motherhood, she was touched.

In conversation with the website Observatório dos Famosos during an event in São Paulo, she commented that everything has been new and very happy lately. “I am very excited to be here! For me, everything is new“, he said, in tears.

Everything has been wonderful. I’m living the best time of my life. I just have to thank God, my husband, family, and friends. I hope that everything they say about being a mother, that I really live it, I’m really enjoying every moment of my pregnancy, even the bad moments. I am living this moment of my life intensely”, celebrated the artist.

nausea in pregnancy

Despite the moment of happiness, mother Viviane Araújo has to face the common complications of pregnancy, such as feeling sick in the first few weeks. In conversation with Quem magazine, she said that she is so happy that she doesn’t care about any of it.

From the first weeks of pregnancy, I feel nauseous. At first, I felt sick and sick, I vomited.. Now it’s just that craving. But when I feel it I remember it’s happening because of my pregnancy, I think it’s great, I just laugh, you know?” she explained.

At another point, she talked about the motion sickness. “There are times when I’m on the street and I get sick, and then I start to laugh because it’s a sign of my pregnancy, which is the most wonderful thing I’m experiencing. so it’s all right“, he explained.

The dream

At another time, Viviane Araújo said that the pregnancy happened at the right time, even though she had tried to be a mother on other occasions.

“I always dreamed of being a mother, from a young age this was something that was always with me. It was kept here inside me always. There are moments when I said ‘I think it will go now’. But then it didn’t happen. I believe because it really wasn’t supposed to happen. I really believe in that, that everything has its moment and the right time. When God really wants it, he does and things happen in our lives”, concluded the actress.

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