Viviane Araújo takes a selfie with an orange piece and celebrates 7 months of pregnancy

The actress Viviane Araújo updated her Instagram profile with a charming photo of the pregnancy of her first child, Joaquim. This Thursday (16), the famous emerged all radiant and won several accolades from fans.

Wearing an orange thong bikini outfit, the cat squandered the big belly with a selfie in front of the mirror. Excited with the current look, the artist celebrated another phase of pregnancy: “seven months”.

Among the comments on the post, which garnered over 390,000 likes, the muse’s followers melted for the record of maternity. “Beautiful, pure light“, wrote the funker Lexa. “The most beautiful mother! You deserve all the best in this life.”

I lived what secret to make a small tummy? 😂😍 is to be thin before getting pregnant will be 💖”, questioned an impressed netizen as the famous managed to keep her body. “Damn, I was 7 months old too. It’s beautiful!! ”, noted another.

Viviane talked about the pregnancy

Pregnant at age 46, actress Viviane Araújo shared during the Grão de Gente podcast how her process was to get pregnant. According to the famous, she underwent an insemination that happened through an egg donor.

According to the eternal muse of Rio de Janeiro’s carnival, the decision was made for her health, as she no longer produces eggs. She also revealed that everything was held in Brazil.

“When I had the insemination, I was 46 years old. Because of my age and my history, having taken too much hormone, I was no longer ovulating, I was in pre-menopause. All this made it difficult for me to get pregnant normally. Then we looked for a human reproduction clinic in Rio de Janeiro”, explained Vivi, who is married to Guilherme Militão.

“The doctor explained the woman’s process when she starts to ovulate. The egg is no longer as healthy after a certain age. And then he talked about egg donation, and I said: ‘doctor, I have no problem if my egg has to be donated’”, recalled Viviane.

At another point in the conversation, the famous commented on how it was to discover the pregnancy on Christmas Eve last year. “I made the first attempt. [de fertilização] in November [de 2021] and it didn’t work. [Mas] in December, Bruna, my nurse, found a compatible donor. On December 16, we made a second attempt and then it worked. I took the exam on the 24th and found out that she was pregnant. She was gorgeous! Woke him up right away!”, she finished.

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