Wanessa Camargo shows her son's birthday and cake steals the show

The singer Vanessa Camargo used his Instagram profile this past Sunday (19), to share with his followers part of the birthday party who arranged for his youngest son, João Francisco Buaizwho turned eight years old.

Through the stories, the artist posted some records of the commemorative event, including a video where she appears singing congratulations to the heir. Excited, she appeared all silly when she saw the little one blowing out the candles on the cake, which caught attention for being small.

Congratulations, John“, said she, who was holding the little girl behind the cake, which had a decoration inspired by football and her favorite team, Palmeiras.

Earlier Wanessa had already shared a tribute to João in her feed, where she gathered several images from the little boy’s last years. She also wrote a beautiful text for him.

“John, my son. Today I looked at you and I got emotional when I remembered his arrival. When I first held you in my arms eight years ago, I could barely imagine what that little being would be like. I could only imagine, but my imagination would never be able to conjure such perfection that it shows itself in the reality of what you are, my son. There isn’t a hardened heart that doesn’t melt with his smile. You captivate, soften, envelop. You are Love. Pure, innocent and beautiful. I only ask God that nothing, no one changes this enlightened being that you are, João Francisco. Thank you for choosing me as your mother. That is my greatest honor, my greatest purpose, to be your mother. I love you, my boy. Congratulations!” he said.

Wanessa Camargo and her son, João Francisco (Reproduction/Instagram)
Wanessa Camargo and her son, João Francisco (Reproduction/Instagram)

Vanessa talks about the end of marriage

Wanessa recently drew attention by announcing the end of her marriage with businessman Marcus Buaiz. In an interview with Caras magazine, she commented on how it was to deal with the gossip involving her personal life at this time of crisis.

Calm with the repercussion, the artist declared that she does not intend to go out suing people who talk about her personal life. She stated that she is now fully focused on her career.

“I can’t shut people up. I’m not going to go crazy suing everyone for everything, that’s not the role. That’s what I told you, the external will increase, the hurricane will be there, and I’m here in the middle, firm and strong, and safe, taking care of what really matters. Now I’m focusing a lot on my career, focusing a lot on my kids, on my house. And that’s what matters,” said the singer.

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