Watch out, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling: Netflix trailer for new action hit is your competition

This year, Netflix is ​​still delivering with movies like Tyler Rake: Extraction 2 and The Gray Man high quality action entertainment. In addition to the strips with Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling, you should also make a note of Interceptor. You can now watch a trailer for the action film that has it all.

Interceptor promises cracking Netflix action

Directed by Matthew Reilly, the film is about tough, reality-stricken Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky) who finds herself the leader of a lonely… Nuclear missile intercept base found in the middle of the Pacific.

Watch the German trailer for Netflix’ Interceptor here:

Interceptor – Trailer (German) HD


Then, when a terrorist attack threatens the base, Collins faces off against the evil Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey), a former US military intelligence officer. Collins needs her years tactical training and military expertise use to prevent the terrorists’ plan.

In any case, the first scenes in the trailer for Interceptor already look like a real action-fest, with leading actress Elsa Pataky heating up her male colleagues properly. From June 3rd you can stream the film with a Netflix subscription.

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