Wednesday, season 2: Jenna Ortega would like "let it be darker"

The actress is planning for Premiere on the sequel to the Netflix series.

Will she come back for another year at Nevermore? While season 1 of Wednesdayin 8 episodes, has just been launched on Netflix, the story opens the door to a possible season 2.

Nothing has yet been ordered by Netflix, which is waiting to know the audience figures, to know whether to extend the return of The Addams Family or say stop. But Jenna Ortegashe really wants to put on the black dress of Wednesday : “I would love to continue”, she assures Premiere. “I love it. And then there are so many possible things to do with Wednesday. That’s what’s great about The Addams Family: the possibilities for awkward or macabre situations are endless.”

Jenna Ortega: Wednesday’s confessional interview

Looking forward to a possible season 2, Jenna Ortega tells us that she would like to see the tone of the series toughen up a bit and that Wednesday further cultivates his dark side: “I wish it was darker,” suggests the 20-year-old actress, who finds “The Thing does most of the work for her. So it would be nice if she got her hands dirty a little more I believe…”

Note that in a interview at Empireco-creator Alfred Gough reveals that he regularly discusses a possible season 2 of Wednesday with his colleague Miles Millar. “We talk about it among ourselves. There is clearly more to explore in the world of the Addams…”

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