Weißmann gives ORF journalists more say

The new ORF leadership under Roland Weißmann, which was viewed critically in advance, and the editor representatives of the public service have agreed on a new statute without any media attention. Since Friday, a vote has been taking place among the journalistic employees of television, radio, online, teletext and state studios. The Board of Trustees will deal with this at the next meeting on June 24th.

The expanded statute, which was inspired by that of the KURIER, among other things, gives journalists greater information and hearing rights, and the independence of reporting is comprehensively safeguarded. The editors’ strongest lever is the opportunity to express no confidence in journalistic executives after three substantiated complaints. If the ORF Ethics Council also follows this, the ORF boss may be dismissed, as the standard reported. When it comes to new appointments for managerial positions, the editors can still only have a say. If the ORF general decides otherwise than recommended by the editors, he must now justify this in writing.


The ORF information are far-reaching changes in the house. From mid-June, around 400 journalists from TV, radio, online and social media will move from various locations to the new multimedia newsroom in the ORF center. For the time being, the move will not result in any personnel changes in the chief editors – Matthias Schrom (TV), Hannes Aigelsreiter (radio) and Christian Staudinger (online) will head together.

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