John Lennon letter

The controversial and scathing letter that one day John Lennon wrote to Paul McCartney is going up for auction. At $30 thousand dollars the auction begins to have the original writing of an enraged Lennon in the middle of what could have been a huge legal battle between the artists.

What did John Lennon’s letter to Paul McCartney say?

It is no secret to anyone that John Lennon and Paul McCartney had a strong break after the end of The Beatles in the late sixties. This conflict between the former partners reached a peak in 1971, after a controversial interview with the interpreter of Let It Be.

in conversation with melody maker, McCartney assured that his compositions were the “hope” of the band and criticized imagine by Lennon. As expected, he was not happy at all and wrote a controversial letter where nothing was saved.

John Lennon letter

“If you’re not a bully, like you claim, who the hell was it that took us to court and talked sh*t about us in public?” points out John Lennon in a summons to Paul McCartney. Furthermore, he accused him of trying to convince Ringo and George to turn against him.

“Like I said before, have you ever thought that maybe you’re wrong about something?”Lennon’s letter continues. Along with this, he responded to her criticism of imagine and noted that it is “from the working class, sweetened for conservatives like you”.

At the end of the letter, John Lennon tells her to “call” him whenever she wants so they can meet, but this time “without Linda or Yoko”. In addition, he assures that he is “without hard feelings” and ironically signs with some love songs by The Beatles. you can read it in full here.

In the recent documentary by P.ether Jackson, get-back, you can see the creative process of The Beatles and one of the final sessions between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The documentary series is available on Disney+.

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