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What happened? Bridgerton will replace one of her actresses for the third season

Francesca Bridgerton

Finally more details of the long-awaited third season of Bridgerton. The success of Netflix will return for a new installment after the success of its first two parts. However, this is not such positive news.

And it was announced that one of the actresses will be replaced in the new episodes of the period drama. This, after his appearances were cut without further explanation in the second seasonraising doubts from fans.

Changes for the third season of Bridgerton

One of the actresses Bridgerton will say goodbye to the series for the third season. However, not so his character, yes will continue with a new interpreter. And it was announced that the role will have a new person in charge.

Is about Francesca Bridgerton, one of the daughters of the main family, he had limited appearances in the first and second seasons. Until now, the character had been played by the young actress, Ruby Stokes.

Francesca Bridgerton
Francesca Bridgerton

However, before the second season ended, the character stopped dating. Now, it was learned that it was because the actress had to withdraw to record Lockwood & Co. a new Netflix series in which he will have a greater role.

“I love Francesa, but we lost her in the middle of season two. After exhausting all other options, unfortunately had to leave for reasons beyond our control“explained the creator of Bridgerton, Chris VanDusen.

hannah dodd

As reported dead line, will be the actress Hannah Dodd, known for Anatomy of a Scandal, which will replace her for the third season of Bridgerton. Thus, it is anticipated that his character will become more relevant in the new chapters.

Few details do we have of new from Bridgerton. Nevertheless, Filming is expected to begin in the coming months and its premiere will be in the first half of 2023. In addition, it has already been renewed for a future fourth season.

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