Bam Margera Jackass

Jackass is an American comedy television show starring Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, Ehren McGhehey, and Preston Lacy. Which was broadcast on MTV between 2000 and 2001 and later became a franchise of several spin-offs and movies.

However, after he was fired from the saga and entered a rehab center Margera is now missing.

what happened to the star JackassBam Margera?

According to a Delray Beach police report, authorities are searching for troubled Jackass actor Bam Margera. This after He dropped out of his last rehab stint.

The rehabilitation manager of the state of Florida, United States, reported that the also professional skater He disappeared this Monday, June 13. This after the star reportedly expressed his unhappy with services and restrictions what was in the place.

Notably, the 42-year-old man completed nearly a year of treatment for his substance abuse problems. And according to international media reports, their friends and family are working hard to return to the compound where he was staying, Sunshine State.

In parallel, the latest post by Bam Margera from Jackass on his instagram account says the following. “Dominick, fighter against ecstasy, chiropractor and ten years sober, he is my new AA sponsor.”

The police report said the star told the rehab manager that she planned to check into a different rehab center in the Florida area. This before escaping from a black sedan

According to the manager, Bam Margera was there by court order, so the rehab staff I was worried. Because he seemed to have left without authorization. However, they also stressed that he did not appear to be a danger to himself or to others.

Sources close to the “hot-headed” stunt actor said that stayed in a sobriety center after arguing with his wife, Nicole Boyd, who filed for custody of their son Phoenix, now 4, in September 2021. However, he did not file for divorce.

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