what happens to isa

Isa will make her parents anxious in the next chapters of Travessia. The teenager will be disgusted to see Monteiro teaching at her school and will decide to run away from home. The teenager’s disappearance will leave the professor and Laís in a panic, who will ask for Helô’s help. After all, what happens to Isa?

What happens to Isa? Escape becomes a police case

Isa will run away from home in scenes that will air from this Monday, the 20th, in the telenovela Travessia. Monteiro will officially start working at the school where the young woman works, and the girl will not react well to seeing her father in the classroom. Furious about the situation, she won’t come home after high school and leaves her parents worried.

The professor and the lawyer will become more and more desperate with the teenager’s disappearance and ask for Helô’s help to find the girl.

The delegate will take action immediately and will soon put an end to the suffering of the parents. The next morning, Helô will be able to find the rebellious teenager through her cellular data and find out what happens to Isa.

Isa will not go far – she will be hiding at a friend’s house. The policewoman will personally take the girl’s parents to meet her, who will be relieved. The scenes will air on Tuesday, 22.

Despite Isa disapproving her father’s presence at the school, the history teacher will continue to work at his daughter’s school. On Thursday, Karina (Danielle Olimpia) was praising Laís’ husband’s class to her colleague, who will be surprised.

What happens to Theo in Travessia is a mystery to the public

In addition to Isa, Theo will also provide work for his parents. The public already follows the digital addiction of the boy, who spends the whole day in front of the computer.

The boy’s parents are much more concerned about Isa, who goes to a lot of parties and has an average school performance, and they forget that their second child also needs attention. Theo has been making mysterious calls and buying expensive items, which his sister distrusts.

He has also been receiving mysterious visits while his parents are not at home, which has raised some suspicions on the part of Isa.

The public still doesn’t know what’s going on with Theo. On the web, part of the audience suspects that he may be the victim of some criminal on the internet.

Cropped by Brisa from the soap opera Travessia: see how to make the trend

Who plays Isa in Travessia?

Isa is played by actress Duda Santos in Travessia, 20 years old. The artist is in her second soap opera on Globo and has already landed a character in prime time.

Her first work as an actress on television was in 2019, when she was in Malhação: all the way to love. She began her career photographing for clothing stores in the community where she lived, but soon decided to pursue acting.

In an interview with Extra, the young woman said that she had an experience similar to that of Isa with her parents. “I’ve always had a very strict father, who wasn’t very present but he always wanted to have a say in my life. My mother was a very good friend of mine and so was my brother. Isa’s story is very close to what I experience at home”, she said. .

Despite not appearing opposite Jade Picon, the actress built a friendship with the digital influencer, who is in the plot as Chiara. The two have already posted a few clicks together on social networks.

In addition to Travessia, Duda Santos is also in the film “Pronto, I spoke” which hits theaters on December 8th. Nicolas Prattes and Rômulo Arantes Neto are also in the cast.

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