what happens to Juma and Zé Lucas

Ever since Zé Leôncio’s firstborn laid eyes on Jove’s girlfriend, a love triangle has taken over the soap opera Pantanal. What happens with Juma and Zé Lucas in the plot has left the public distressed at home. The two didn’t become a couple, but they also didn’t put a stop to the flirtations and looks between them. However, the old man from the river will act and put an end to the double-talk.

What happens to Juma and Zé Lucas in the soap opera Pantanal?

What happens with Juma and Zé Lucas in Pantanal is that the romance doesn’t work. The two start to live together in the tapera after Juma ends his romance once and for all with Jove, accusing his lover of betraying his trust when Zé Leôncio’s youngest reveals a photo of the old man from the river without permission. However, Zé Lucas and Juma do not become lovers during their time at the tapera, as the old man from the river decides to act and has a serious conversation with Juma.

After the conversation with the old man from the river, Juma and Zé Lucas move away and the love triangle is dissolved. For those who don’t remember the events of the 1990 version, the entity goes to the tapera while Juma is still living with Zé Lucas and advises the young woman. The old man tells her that he must send Zé Lucas away to avoid a war between brothers. Furthermore, he also says that the jaguar-girl must forgive Jove.

In these scenes from the original version and which must be repeated in the 2022 remake, Juma admits that he misses Jove and sends Zé Lucas away. Although Zé Lucas doesn’t forget about Juma overnight, he is busy with Erika’s return. The young woman is a journalist who gets involved with Zé Lucas before the pawn goes to live with Juma.

When Zé Lucas leaves Juma’s tapera and returns to his father’s farm, he discovers that Erika is back in the swamp and says she is pregnant. The cattle king’s firstborn is pressured by the girl’s father to marry her. Zé Lucas confesses that he still loves Juma, but moves on and decides to go down the aisle with Erika. The boy tells his father that he intends to leave the swamp after he marries the journalist and that he wants to reconcile with Jove first.

The brothers get along when Zé Lucas asks his younger brother for forgiveness and assures him that nothing happened between him and Juma while they lived together in the tapera. A few chapters later, Zé Lucas tells his brother that he is no longer in love with Juma and that he only sees her as his own sister. The reconciliation of Jove and Juma takes a while, but the two count on the help of the old man from the river as cupid and end up resuming their romance.

When will Juma and Zé Lucas’ involvement in the remake end?

It will still take time for the public to see what happens to Juma and Zé Lucas in Pantanal after the intrusion of the old man from the river, who separates the two for good. According to the summaries released by Globo, until the first days of July, Juma and Zé Lucas will still not be living together in the tapera. Their coexistence lasts for a good series of episodes, and only then does the old man from the river talk to Juma and tell the girl to send him back to the farm.

So, you have to be patient with the progress of the plot. It will be necessary to wait until at least the end of July or mid-August/September for the end of the love triangle between the brothers and Juma.

Juma ze Lucas old from the river
What happens to juma and zé lucas? Old man from the river da um Basta – photo: reproduction/globo

Zé Lucas will exchange Juma’s attention for Erika – Who will she be?

When Zé Lucas leaves Juma’s tapera and their relationship cools down because of the advice of the old man from the river. Zé Lucas will be busy with Erika’s return and will begin to forget his brother’s beloved. But then, who is this woman? Erika is a journalist who goes to the swamp to report on the biome and ends up at Zé Leôncio’s farm. She is the daughter of a deputy, who later becomes very interested in José Leôncio’s money and prestige.

For those who don’t know, the pregnancy that will force Zé Lucas to go to the altar with the girl will be fake. The pawn will discover the truth just before sealing the union with the girl and so the two will break up. In the re-exhibit of SBT in Pantanal, in 2008, Erika appeared for the first time around chapter 79, stayed with Zé Lucas for a few episodes, and returned to the plot in chapter 100.

It’s worth remembering that the version shown on SBT had cuts and that’s why it was smaller than the Manchete broadcast. While in 1990, Pantanal gained more than 200 episodes, in 2008, 187 were aired. In Globo’s remake, this number will be even lower, in total about 170 will be released.

In the original version of the serial by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the role of Erika was given to actress Gisela Reimann, who also acted in A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão (1991), Sonho Meu (1993), Viver a Vida (2009 – 2010). ), among others. In the TV Globo remake, Marcela Fetter’s mission to play the journalist is. The gaúcha has already starred in Malhação – Seu Lugar no Mundo (2016), If I Close My Eyes Now (2018) and Verona (2021).

Erika wetland
What happens to Juma and Zé Lucas after the intervention of the old man from the river is that the pawn decides to marry Erika – photo: reproduction/headline/globo

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