What happens to Stenio

Alexandre Nero’s character got into trouble with a client and now what happens to Stenio depends on Helo (Giovanna Antonelli), who is investigating the whereabouts of her ex-husband. The lawyer’s disappearance has a lot of people worried and will continue to torment the characters for some time to come. Helo will only succeed in saving Stenio in next week’s chapters of the telenovela Travessia.

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What happens to Stenio after kidnapping?

Stenio was kidnapped in Spain while assisting a customer involved in money laundering and the international mafia. Nero’s character will suffer a lot at the hands of the bandit and will go through moments of torture.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, Helo will be focused on a thorough investigation to discover her ex-husband’s whereabouts. The delegate will try to hide the feelings she still has for the lawyer, but she will not be able to contain her tears.

In the chapters that close this week of Travessia, on Friday (25th) and Saturday (26th), Laís and Helo will continue desperately looking for the lawyer, who will not give any sign of life.

Until a light at the end of the tunnel appears for the duo. Helo will manage to discover the culprit for Stenio’s kidnapping, a criminal named Cortez. She will arrest the bad character – who will land in Brazil – in the chapter on Monday (28).

The bandit will make suspense and not reveal if Stenio is still alive until his lawyer arrives. Finally, in Tuesday’s chapter (29), Helo will finally get the address of the captivity in which Stenio is being held. The Spanish police will be notified and the lawyer will be rescued.

The delegate will instruct Laís (Indira Nascimento) to rent a plane to take Stenio home as quickly as possible. Finally, what happens with Stenio is that he arrives in Brazil. However, the character is weakened, due to the aggressions he suffered at the hands of the kidnapped.

Therefore, Helo will arrange for the lawyer to stay at her house for a few days and will give him her room and bed. Monteiro will tell Stenio in the fourth chapter (30) that it was Helo who solved everything and saved him. The lawyer will confess that he was afraid of never seeing his ex-wife again.

Stenio and hello
What happens to stenio in the novel? Lawyer will be held captive, but will be rescued because of helo – photo: reproduction/globo

Will Helo and Stenio finish Travessia together in the telenovela Travessia?

Helo and Stenio had a happy ending in Salve Jorge (2012 – 2013), but the couple’s ending was destroyed when the pair of characters returned in Travessia. The two had been separated for a few years at the beginning of the plot, but the attraction between them still exists. Even apart, the two had a “relapse” in the November 7 chapter and ended up in bed. However, Helo assured that everything would be just casual.

However, the delegate’s concern with the lawyer’s disappearance shows that feelings between them still exist and the public hopes that the two stay together. The truth is that not even Gloria Perez knows how the couple’s ending will be, but the chances of them having a new happy ending together are great.

Before the premiere of the current 9 o’clock soap opera, during conferences with the press, the author said that since it is an open work, she would wait for the public’s reactions to define the endings of the characters. She said that not even the outcome of the protagonist Brisa (Lucy Alves) was defined and that she still did not know if the girl would end up with Ari (Chay Suede) or Oto (Romulo Estrela).

What happens to Stenio and Helo at the end of Travessia is also not closed until then, however, the chances of the couple are great, because on the internet the public adores them and wants to see them together again. In addition, there are no other possible romances in sight for the two, Stenio even got involved with Leonor in the plot, but the romance did not go forward and the lawyer went back to running after Helo.

Helo and Stenio had a hot night after the deputy saved the lawyer from a robbery:

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