What if...Steve McQueen and Diana Ross had starred in Bodyguard? [MAJ]

To write the screenplay for Bodyguard, Lawrence Kasdan had this duo in mind

It was the mid-1970s, but the actor’s death in 1980 turned his plans upside down

Bodyguard finally came out in 1992 starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner

On her official poster, however, we do not see the face of the singer

This one was parodied in 2017 for the promo of the action comedy Hitman & Bodyguard, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds

Before Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan had another duo in mind…

“And I will always love youuu…” This tune immediately evokes the romance between whitney houston and Kevin Costner ? It’s normal, Bodyguard is one of the actor’s great successes, and the singer’s biggest hit in the cinema. However, if everything had gone as planned, the film would have been worn by a completely different duo…

We expand below the article dedicated to its backstage by rummaging in the n°189 of First, published just 30 years ago. Because the film was released on November 25, 1992 in the United States, and in France a few days later, on December 9. Inside this Christmas issue, journalist Alain Bouzy humorously regretted in his review that Mick Jackson’s film “doesn’t tell us much about the world of bodyguards.” Before adding: “On the other hand, it penetrates well behind the scenes of the varieties. It shows the pressure to which a star is subjected. An effective film where we recognize the paw of Lawrence Kasdan who signs the scenario.”

Bodyguard: Kevin Costner remembers Whitney Houston’s “unforgettable” performance

A few pages later, Lawrence Kasdan and Kevin Costner answered Frank Forestier’s questions. But to fully understand their words, one must bear in mind the genesis of Bodyguard :
1975, The Empire Strikes Back has not yet been released in cinemas. Its screenwriter, Lawrence Kasdan, struggles to impose his first script, a love story between a diva (he imagines Diana Ross) and his bodyguard in Hollywood. However, he offers the main role to Steve McQueenwhich has just been a hit in The Infernal Tower (the film made more than $100 million at Fox for less than $15 in budget). The “King of Cool” is more popular than ever, and, surprise, he accepts, on the condition of shooting first The hunter. Unfortunately the project drags on, and McQueen dies prematurely, only three months after its release, in 1980. Unfortunately, his death puts Bodyguard in “standby” for more than a decade, Kasdan no longer managing to convince actors to succeed the star. When Kevin Costner became interested in it, in 1990, he was exhausted by the refusals and no longer intended to make it. It is therefore the actor-producer, in full glory thanks to Robin Hood, who will take the project in hand, choose Mick Jackson to direct it and especially Whitney Houston, who has no acting experience. Good pick: this diva role will suit her like a glove. When it was released at the end of 1992, Bodyguard is a cardboard. Since then, each TV broadcast has only confirmed its popularity. There was once talk of giving it a sequel, with Lady Diana to protect, but the untimely death of the Princess of Wales derailed the project. The disappearance of the star singer of the original film, in 2012 at just 48 years old, ended this Bodyguard 2which will definitely not see the light of day.

Whitney: Heartbroken [Critique]

In 2012, here is how Kevin Costner told this adventure in First : “One of the first times I appeared in front of a camera was to Friends First (1983), the film by Lawrence Kasdan. However, my role was completely cut… Nothing remained of it! I played the guy whose funeral it is, the script credited me with flashbacks. Out of kindness, Kasdan promised me that he would hire me for his next film. And that’s how I got my part in Silverado (1985)… It’s all the funnier that Bodyguard is a screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan!” He then specified that he was immediately aware of having been approached for this role of bodyguard for his resemblance to Steve McQueen. Of which he is a huge fan since childhood: “When I saw BullittI was a kid… It’s one of my favorite films, it’s my reference.” Kasdan then admitted to having originally written this story for McQueen: “I remembered him in The Thomas Crown Affairand I said to myself: ‘the bodyguard is a guy of his kind…’ There’s something heartwarming about the role being played by an actor who admires McQueen.”

The article concluded at the time on the importance of showing an interracial couple in a Hollywood blockbuster: “In Bodyguard, the detective story doesn’t matter. On the other hand, the amorous intrigue is hot. Twenty years ago, for The Hundred Guns, there was a love scene between Raquel Welch (white actress) and James Brown (black actor). The production demanded a towel between their two naked bodies, so as not to offend Southern audiences. The Bodyguard has no such modesty. ‘We’ve come a long way since then, haven’t we?’asks Kevin Costner, delighted.

Trailer of Bodyguard :

Kevin Costner: ‘Racism is fine in America’

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