Luana in O Rei do Gado

Luana in O Rei do Gado is part of the Berdinazzi family, but she only remembers this throughout the telenovela. The cold weather worker lost her memory when she fell from a cold weather truck, in an accident that killed her parents. Orphaned, she was raised by a nun, who baptized her with another name. She will only remember her true identity later in the serial.

Luana in O Rei do Gado is a Berdinazzi

Luana’s real name in O Rei do Gado is Marieta Berdinazzi. She is the niece that Geremias (Raul Cortez) is looking for throughout the plot.

Luana is the daughter of Giácomo (Manoel Boucinhas), who died in an accident that decimated the entire family. The girl was rescued by a nun, who baptized her by the name that the girl was presented to the public. The fall from the truck caused the blonde to lose her memory and not remember who she really is.

Alone in the world, the boia-fria works in family homes and in the countryside to earn a living, until she meets Regino (Jackson Antunes) and joins the landless group that invades Bruno Mezenga’s (Antônio Fagundes) farm.

Throughout the plot, Luana and Bruno engage in a romance, until the blonde hears the farmer saying the name of the Berdinazzis and recovers her memory.

The protagonist then decides to leave her beloved’s farm, since she knows that their families are enemies and that the two could not live this romance. At first, she doesn’t tell the rich man the reason for her departure, but leaves a note telling the whole truth.

Despite the rivalry between the Mezengas and the Berdinazzis, the passion between Luana in O Rei do Gado and Bruno speaks louder and the two leave their differences in the past. At the end of the plot, the lovebirds get married and have a child.

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Luana in O Rei do Gado is the niece of Geremias (Raul Cortez) – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Does Luana get Geremias’ inheritance?

While Luana doesn’t remember her true identity, Rafaela (Glória Pires) joins Fausto (Jairo Mattos) in a plan to inherit Geremias’ fortune.

Knowing that the king of coffee is looking for his lost niece, since she is the sole heir to the fortune, the rogue gets false documents to pass herself off as Marieta Berdinazzi. Geremias falls for the lie told by her and welcomes the girl to his farm.

However, Rafaela herself puts an end to the farce. She falls in love with Marcos (Fábio Assunção), son of Bruno Mezenga, but is prevented from living this love due to the rivalry between the families. Willing to do anything for the boy, she confesses to Geremias that she has been impersonating Marieta all this time.

Even after discovering the rogue’s lies, Geremias gives some head of cattle and land to the girl, as he became attached to her. He also discovers that Luana is the real niece, but the rich man refuses to recognize the blonde as part of his family.

Therefore, Luana does not inherit the coffee king’s fortune. Giuseppe (Emílio Orciollo Netto) is in charge of the rich man’s money, a great-nephew of Geremias. The boy is the grandson of Bruno (Marcello Anthony) and Gema, a woman with whom the eldest became involved while fighting in World War II.

Rei do Gado changes schedule

With the exhibition of the Qatar World Cup games, O Rei do Gado will be shown from Monday to Friday, at 6 pm, Brasília time. On days when the Brazilian national team games take place at 4 pm, the telenovela will not be shown, according to information from the TV Pop portal.

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