What is Oto's secret in the soap opera Travessia

Played by Romulo Estrela, Oto is replaced by Brisa (Lucy Alves). The hacker is in love and just wants to be with the woman from Maranhão, but the path he will need to take to continue with the girl will not be easy. In addition to having a mysterious past, which raises the question of what Oto’s secret is in the telenovela Travessia, he will have problems with Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi).

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What happens to Oto in the telenovela Travessia?

Oto hides two secrets in Travessia, the first of which is something involving his past. He has a crime that he never reveals to Brisa. The second is the romance with the washerwoman, which he hides from Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi).

About his past, the revelation is still far away and until now it has not been disclosed by TV Globo or any other media vehicle what this great secret is. In next Monday’s chapter (28), Brisa will talk to her lawyer, Juliana (Tabata Contri), and will say that Oto does not want to reveal the crime he was involved in, so as not to harm someone else.

The only indications of what the hacker might have done wrong in the past appear in the summary of the chapter on December 3rd, in which Caíque (Thiago Fragoso) tells Leonor (Vanessa Giacomo) that Oto got into trouble before accepting the Moretti’s invitation to live in Portugal.

Oto’s other secret, his relationship with Brisa, will soon be discovered. The businessman will become suspicious of the employee and hide a GPS in Oto’s car. He will then find that the boy was in Vila Isabel. Moretti will go to the address and discover that Oto is dating Brisa. He will confront the hacker and accuse him of having betrayed his trust.

Those who have followed the soap opera know that Moretti doesn’t like the idea of ​​Oto getting involved with the girl and is afraid of the problems that the relationship with the washerwoman could cause for the duo. After the two months that Brisa spent in prison, Oto helped her to obtain her freedom in secret, doing everything behind the back of Moretti and also her lawyer, Stenio (Alexandre Nero).

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Moretti and Oto will clash

The disagreement between Moretti and the hacker after the businessman discovers Oto’s secret in the telenovela Travessia is going to be big, to the point of turning into a physical confrontation.

Disgusted, Moretti will tell Guida (Alessandra Negrini) that he has Oto in his hands, but he won’t tell his beloved what advantage he has over the hacker. Guida will try to discover the reason for the fight between the two with Oto, but will not succeed.

Out of fear of what might happen, she will sneak Moretti’s gun. First, she will hide it. Afterwards, she will interview her for Inácia (Noemia Costa).

Shortly after, Moretti will find Oto in Laís’ office and threaten him. The lawyer will be confused by the disagreement between them. Stenio will join the game and ask the hacker if he feels threatened by the boss.

Then the hacker will be in trouble, as Moretti will attack Oto. Only after the confusion and having fought with Oto will he realize that his gun disappeared from the drawer.

In the face of all the confusion, Stenio goes to give advice to Oto. He will then order the hacker away from Breeze, which of course, will not make him happy.

otto and moretti
The duo will fight badly on the crossing – photo: reproduction/globo

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