Rafaela's ending in O Rei do Gado

Rafaela’s ending in O Rei do Gado is far from Geremias (Raul Cortez), whose niece she pretended to inherit the rich man’s fortune. The scoundrel is unmasked throughout the novel, but she will not leave empty-handed since the king of coffee became attached to her during the period in which they lived together.

What happens to Rafaela in O Rei do Gado?

Rafaela (Glória Pires) enters the plot to be part of a plan elaborated by Fausto (Jairo Mattos) to get his hands on the inheritance of Geremias, who became a rich landowner after applying blows to his own family. The young woman pretends to be Marieta Berdinazzi, daughter of Giácomo (Manoel Boucinhas) and lost niece that the millionaire was looking for so much.

On the part of the plot, the impostor’s plan succeeds. She starts to live with Geremias on the farm, which she believes in the girl-the scoundrel even gets false documents to impersonate Marieta.

However, Rafaela herself will put an end to the farce throughout the plot. That’s because she falls in love with Marcos Mezenga (Antônio Fagundes) and because he is from the rival family of the Berdinazzis, Geremias forbids the girl to meet him. She then decides to confess everything to be free: “I didn’t fall out of any truck, I’ve never been a day laborer in my entire life”.

Despite revealing that she is not Marieta, she tells Geremias that she is in fact a Berdinazzi. “I am your brother Bruno’s granddaughter [Marcello Anthony]who died in the war”, he says.

Intrigued by what the girl says, the rich man decides to investigate whether she is really Bruno’s granddaughter. And the answer is no: Rafaela is the granddaughter of Gema, the woman the soldier got involved with in Italy, but has nothing to do with Berdinazzi. That’s because after the boy’s death, the Italian got involved with another man and had other children, one of them being the imposter’s father.

Even knowing that Rafaela is not related to him and that he was deceived by her, Geremias has developed affection for the young woman and does not leave her with nothing – the young woman earns some land and cattle from the millionaire.

Her romance with Marcos also doesn’t work out, since he stays with Liliana (Mariana Lima). So, she leaves the farm and adds to the lives of the Mezengas and the Berdinazzis.

rafaela berdinazzi
Rafaela’s ending in The King of the Cattle: Impostor wins land and cattle from Geremiaias (Raul Cortez) – Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Who gets the legacy of Geremias Berdinazzi?

Geremias Berdinazzi’s inheritance stays with Giuseppe (Emílio Orciollo Netto), Bruno’s real grandson. It is discovered that the soldier killed in the war actually has descendants – the firstborn had a son with Gema, who does not appear in the serial.

However, Bruno’s son also had a son, which in this case is Giuseppe. In the final chapters of O Rei do Gado, the boy, who until then lived in Italy with his family, returns to Brazil with his great-uncle and becomes the sole heir to the coffee king’s fortune.

The audience also discovers that the real Marieta Berdinazzi is Luana (Patrícia Pillar). The blonde lost her memory after falling out of the truck in the accident that killed her parents. Orphaned, she was raised by a nun, who baptized her with another name.

Despite remembering her true identity, she is not recognized by Geremias as his niece and does not keep the inheritance. In the end, she marries Bruno Mezenga, with whom she has a child.

Geremias and Bruno declare an end to the war between their families and begin to live in harmony.

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