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An unknown in the plot, what is the secret of Cida A Favorita is what many people want to know. Claudia Ohana’s character walked away from her family years ago, but returns and hides something from her past that she deeply regrets. As the truth always comes out sooner or later, Cida’s secret is revealed throughout the plot, which causes a crisis in Copola’s (Tarcísio Meira) family.

In the soap opera, what is the secret of Cida A Favorita da Globo?

Cida’s secret in A Favorita is that the character had an affair in the past with Átila (Chico Diaz), her brother-in-law. In a relationship for about 20 years with Lorena, Cida’s sister, the man became involved with her sister-in-law when he was already married to Copola’s daughter.

In the dark for much of the plot, Lorena is suspicious and that’s why she decides to put her husband on the wall. The character of Gisele Fróes only has confirmation of the secret of Cida A Favorita in chapter 110 of the original exhibition, shortly after the middle of the serial.

In the scene where she has a difficult conversation with Attila, the woman asks: “I will ask you for the last time, are you hiding something from me?”. The man disagrees, but Lorena insists: “What are you hiding from me has to do with Cida?”. With nowhere to run, Attila confesses: “what happened is… it’s in the past”. Lorena is possessed with rage and demands to know how long ago the affair took place, the man then reveals that it was about 10 years ago.

After discovering Cida A Favorita’s secret, Lorena confronts her sister. Lorena curses Cida, throws the truth in the face of the youngest of the family and even tries to hit her. Cida apologizes many times, asks her sister’s forgiveness and says that she is not proud of her attitude. “It happened a long time ago, I regretted it, I swear. He never laid a finger on me again”, justifies Cida.

“I did everything to stay away from Átila, I left, I disappeared”, continues Cida, but Lorena doesn’t want to know if I’m sorry. Gisele Fróes’ character criticizes her sister’s return and Cida also listens to her mother’s scolding, who says that the truck driver should not have returned. “You shouldn’t have come back, did you see the misfortune you got?” shouts Iolanda.

Finale de Cida in the novel A Favorita

Despite everything that happens in the telenovela and the family problems, Cida achieves a happy ending at the end of the feuilleton. Claudia Ohana’s character ends the novel alongside Juca (Bento Ribeiro), a younger boy who gets involved throughout the plot when he meets him on the road.

The two have ups and downs in their relationship and the truck driver ends up breaking up with Bento and leaves. However, episodes later, Cida returns to the city of Triumph and sees that her beloved is still there. The two settle down, start dating again and end up happy.

Secret from city to favorite revealed
What is the secret of cida the favorite leaves lorena in tears – photo: reproduction/globo

And how are Lorena and Attila?

Lorena and Átila go through difficult times in the soap opera because of the betrayal of Chico Diaz’s character, but the two end up getting along and get back together at the end of A Favorita. The duo separates for a while in the plot, but Lorena ends up going back and forgives her husband.

She is convinced to give Attila another chance after a thoughtful conversation with her father. The woman then goes to the van where her husband works and helps him during the day. The two return home together and make up.

Lorena and Cida’s father also finds love

After being the pivot of the crisis in Lorena and Attila’s marriage, Cida finds happiness in a new love. And it’s not just her who ends the serial next to someone she loves, her father too. At the end of A Favorita, Copola is happy next to Irene (Gloria Menezes), a woman he has always been in love with and was the love of his life.

The love between the two was awakened in her youth, but she became pregnant and married Gonçalo (Mauro Mendonça). Later in the novel, Gonçalo dies and Irene becomes a widow, while Copola separates from Iolanda. The two get closer again and Irene agrees to date Copola. The two then finish the serial side by side.

finals the favorite
What’s the secret of the favorite city doesn’t spoil the happy endings of the cup family – photo: reproduction/globe

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