What time does Bem Amigos start today

This Monday, May 9, 2022, Galvão Bueno runs the program “Bem, Amigos!” on SporTV, with a lot of Brazilian and international football. The attraction of the night, however, promises to be the special and exclusive interview of former Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus, on his way to Rio de Janeiro. Check below what time Bem Amigos starts today to watch it live.

What time does Bem Amigos start today?

The program Well, Amigos! on the SporTV channel starts live from 22:00, Brasília time.

Exclusively, the program is only available on SporTV’s main channel through pay TV operators. To obtain service, you must contact your carrier to change your package.

If you can’t watch it on TV, you can follow it online through Globo Play, a streaming service, and also through Canalis Globo, both on the website (www.canaisglobo.globo.com) and through the app.

The Globo Play website (www.globoplay.globo.com) also makes the live broadcast available to the channel’s subscribers.

Jorge Jesus at Bem Amigos

The Portuguese coach landed in Rio de Janeiro on April 27 to spend ten days on vacation in the wonderful city. However, the tour of the former Flamengo coach ended up generating a lot of controversy and a lot of conversation.

Exclusively, the commander granted an interview to Galvão Bueno in the program “Bem, Amigos”, from SporTV, on pay TV. The attraction goes to this Monday, May 9, 2022.

In excerpts published by the GE portal, Mister talked about Flamengo and his entire time at the club, from 2019 to 2021. He also promises to talk about his departure to Benfica at the end and the moment he lives, without working in teams of football.

Presenter Galvão Bueno also questioned the coach about the possibility of coaching the Brazilian team one day.

The complete interview you: check it out this Monday live on the SporTV program. Check out excerpts from Jorge Jesus’ interview with the SporTV program, which airs this Monday.

SportTV schedule today

Find out what is the schedule of SporTV today, Monday, May 9, 2022, and discover the schedule of Galvão Bueno’s program to follow live. It is important to note that the network may change according to each state.

12:35 Turn of the Round
13:08 SporTV Selection
15:27 Copa do Brasil de Futebol Sub-17 LIVE
17:37 It’s In The Area
18:59 Brasileirão LIVE
22:00 Well, Friends!
00:00 Serie A Round Round

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