What time does the swamp start today

Today’s chapter of the novel shows the kidnapping of Muda (Bella Campos) by Levi (Leandro Lima) and the confrontation between the villain and Tibério (Guito), which will result in the death of one of them. In addition, Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) remains committed to winning his grandfather’s silver saddle. See what time Pantanal starts today, Monday (13).

What time does Pantanal start today on Globo?

The soap opera Pantanal starts at 9:30 pm, Brasília time, on Rede Globo. The episode will be 1h05 minutes long, ending at 22:35, according to the official schedule of the broadcaster.

In today’s chapter, Levi will threaten Muda with a knife and she will be forced to board a boat with him. Filó (Dira Paes) and Irma (Camila Morgado) will be worried about the disappearance of the young woman.

Juma (Alanis Guillen) will try to save her friend. Levi threatens to kill Muda if Juma doesn’t give him back his gun. The jaguar girl shoots the villain in the arm, who manages to escape even though he is wounded. Tiberius goes after Levi’s boat, which has an accident – he falls into the river full of piranhas and is devoured by the ferocious fish. After Levi’s death, Muda decides to stay with Juma in the tapera.

Meanwhile, Tenório (Murilo Benício) discovers that Zuleica (Aline Borges) is under investigation by the IRS. The villain is worried that his family will find out about his crimes. Still in São Paulo, he will be shocked when his eldest son, Marcelo (Lucas Leto), suggests visiting the Pantanal.

At the farm, Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) reveals his love to Guta (Julia Dalavia), while Tadeu (José Loreto) belittles Jove’s ability to win the silver saddle.

Levi (Leandro Lima) will be devoured by piranhas – Photo: Rede Globo/Gshow

Juma and Jove have new discussion

The crisis in Juma and Jove’s relationship seems far from over. In today’s chapter, the good guys will disagree once again when the son of José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) says that he cannot live in the tapera next to his girlfriend.

“Even if I wanted to, Juma, you know I can’t”, he will say. “Saddle or no, Juma, I don’t think I’m coming back here,” he continues.

The jaguar girl will be angry, once again, with her boyfriend. “This is my place!”, she will brag. “But it’s not mine. Even more so now… With so much at stake there on the farm”, Jove will reply. “Sometimes it seems that you are not there just because of the saddle”, says the protagonist.

The climate between Bruaca and Alcides warms up in the next chapters

After Levi’s death, Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) will return to invest in Alcides. The two will have sex for the first time, and the pawn will be totally surrendered by Tenório’s wife.

He will try to approach her one more time, but the woman will be afraid that her husband will discover the betrayals. “That was a weakness of mine… Umas…”, she will say, trying to resist. “It’s just that your weaknesses have missed me. I’ll wait for you there tonight”, Alcides will answer.

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