Juana and Arthur

The outstanding national actress, Juanita Ringeling surprised her fans by announcing a new musical project. The interpreter, who also has a musical project under the name The juana, announced his next stage in music, with a collaborative album.

New from Juanita Ringeling

This Friday, November 25, Juanita Ringeling will venture once again with music. The actress, known for your participation in Chipe Libree Y The Spookies from HBOannounced the launch of a new EP with four songs.

It’s about a collaborative project with Arturo Frei Riutort, under the name of La Juana y Arturo, and that will show it in a new artistic facet. Described as a lyrical-audiovisual project, this new album will explore sensuality, freedom, poetry and the sensoryhe.

Juana and Arthur

New from Juanita Ringeling is inspired by the four elements of naturea. Thus, each song will represent one of these: the land in Return, the fire in samurai, the air in Air and the water in Jungle.

The first official single from the project is Return and your video has already been recorded and is expected to be released in the coming days. The artist describes the song as a theme full of freshness, joy and a positive message about the earth.

Also, La Juana and Arturo prepare a launch with everything for their new project. As revealed, they will have a party in a secret place andin the town of Cachaguawhere they will celebrate their music releasel in the middle of a forest.

This will be Juanita Ringeling’s new adventure in music, after releasing a couple of songs in the last few yearss. The Chilean actress released singles like Pink, Shade Y dance next to me, those that are available in your Spotify official page and other streaming services.

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