Where was the novel Cara e Courage recorded?

Cara e Coragem, Globo’s new soap opera, premieres on May 30. The first images shown during the station’s commercials already show that some scenes were shot outside Estúdio Globo and show other scenarios in Brazil. After all, where was the soap opera Cara e Coragem recorded?

Where was the soap opera Cara e Coragem recorded?

The telenovela Cara e Coragem was recorded in Rio de Janeiro and also in the cities of Lagoa Santa and Santana do Riacho, in Minas Gerais.

Globo is already showing the first images of the serial, and it is possible to observe that Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) venture into a place with many waterfalls, mountains and caves in search of the formula discovered by Clarice (Taís Araújo). These scenes were recorded in the municipalities of the state of Minas Gerais.

The other scenes of the feuilleton are shot in Rio de Janeiro. Paolla Oliveira has already been seen in Grumari, one of the beaches in the state capital, and in Paquetá.

In Cara e Coragem, the audience follows the story of stuntmen Pat and Moa, who intersect with that of businesswoman Clarice and massage therapist Anita (Taís Araújo).

Pat and Moa are professional stuntmen and live a routine full of adrenaline, with lots of jumping, rappelling, jumping, flying and high speed. In addition, they are united by a great passion, even if they don’t admit it at first. Also because Pat is married to Alfredo (Carmo Dalla Vecchia).

Clarice is the businesswoman who runs Siderúrgica Gusmão, an enthusiast of scientific advances. Jonathan (Guilherme Weber), who works in the company’s research department, has developed a secret magnesium-based formula that could revolutionize the field in which he works.

The character maintains a secret romance with Ítalo (Paulo Lessa), her former security guard. She will discover that she has a lookalike named Anita, a massage therapist who is the key to unraveling mysteries that appear throughout the plot.

The villains of the plot are Leonardo (Ícaro Silva), Clarice’s brother, his lover Regina (Mel Lisboa), Clarice’s advisor at CSG, and businessman Danilo (Ricardo Pereira), all with great financial interest.

Face and Courage Scene – Photo: Playback/YouTube

When does Face and Courage premiere?

Cara e Coragem premieres on May 30, at 7:40 pm, Brasília time, on Globo. The plot replaces How Much More Life, Better, which ends on the 6th.

The feuilleton was written by Claudia Souto, the same author of Pega Pega, shown in 2017 also at 7pm on Globo. The work is written with Isadora Wilkinson, Julia Laks and Zé Dasilva, with general direction by Adriano Mello and direction by Oscar Francisco, Cadu França, Mayara Aguiar and Matheus Malafaia.

This is Claudia Souto’s second solo novel. After airing on TV, all episodes will be available to Globoplay subscribers – just search for Cara e Coragem in the search tab after May 30th.

Claudia Di Moura, Kiko Mascarenhas, André Luiz Frambach, Paulo Lessa, Mariana Santos, Serjão Loroza, Leopoldo Pacheco, Stella Maria Rodrigues, Bruno Fagundes, Vitória Bohn, Paula Braun, Jeniffer Nascimento, Kaysar Dadour, Rodrigo Fagundes and Alejandro Claveaux are some of the other names that are in the cast of the novel.

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