Children of Bruno Mezenga

Lia and Marcos are the children of Bruno Mezenga in O Rei do Gado. Accustomed to the comfortable life provided by the farmer, the two are quite spoiled and accomplices of each other. One of them ends up getting involved in a crime that happens throughout the plot.

Meet Lia and Marcos, the children of Bruno Mezenga

Bruno Mezenga is the father of Lia, the eldest, and Marcos, the youngest, in the soap opera. Young people are the only reason why the farmer and Léia (Silvia Pfeifer) remain married, since there was never love between them and the relationship has been bankrupt for a long time.

The constant absences of Bruno, who gives priority to business, is one of the reasons that lead his children to have problematic behaviors. Lia is a cultured and intelligent girl, who always had all the material goods she wanted – this was her mother’s way of compensating for her father’s absence.

However, the girl has been involved with drugs throughout her life as a way to escape reality. Lia has also dated many boys, but never really liked any of them. The young woman adores her father, but at the same time feels neglected because he prefers cattle to family.

Marcos is the youngest son, with whom Lia maintains a relationship of complicity. The boy, who only cares about enjoying life, has his carousing covered up by his older sister.

Marcos lies to everyone about his background. He says he studied Agronomy and Veterinary, colleges paid for by his father, but the diplomas are fake. Instead of studying, the young man spent all his money on parties and women. He always clashes with the patriarch, especially when he cuts his allowance.

Despite the conflicts with Bruno, the boy also has an adoration for his father. He ends up getting involved in the murder of Ralf (Oscar Magrini), his mother’s lover. The boy and a partner buried the rogue’s body in the sand, which caused his death.

As a first offender and without a criminal record, Marcos gets only one year of detention, but he earns the right to respond in freedom.

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Who are bruno mezenga’s children: lia (lavínia vlasak) and marcos (fábio assunção) – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Where are Lavinia Vlasak and Fábio Assunção?

Unlike Lavínia, Fábio Assunção continues to work in soap operas. Currently, at the age of 51, he is part of the cast of All Flowers, a serial being shown on Globoplay. He was also recently in the series Sob Pressure and Desalma.

Lavinia Vlasak, 46, has been missing from the small screen since 2019. Her last work in soap operas was in Bom Sucesso, by Globo. Previously, she also participated in Totalmente Demais (2015) and made a participation in Insensato Coração (2011).

She recently participated in the Papagaio Falante podcast, where she revealed that she suffered harassment during the period she worked at Globo. “I think everyone has suffered harassment. At that time, I’ll make trouble, it won’t work out. I will stop doing what I love. I’m going to mess with my ‘breadwinner’ and let him do what I love, ”she said.

Lavínia is married to economist Celso Colombo Neto, with whom she has two children, Felipe, 13, and Estela, 10. The actress is very active on her Instagram page and always posts fashion, lifestyle, travel and clicks with her family.

The rerun of O Rei do Gado airs from Monday to Friday at 5:05 pm, Brasília time. As of the 20th, the serial will air at 6 pm, due to the transmission of the World Cup games in Qatar.

Bruno Mezenga's children
Lavinia Vlasak and Fábio Assunção today – photo: reproduction/@laviniavlasak4real/@fabioassuncaooficial

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