who are the violists of the soap opera pantanal

With a scenario little explored on the small screens, Pantanal also brings names that overflow regionality. Who are the violists of the soap opera Pantanal won musical scenes in the plot that left the public happy at home. The duel between Almir Sater and his son Gabriel Sater was one of the most memorable moments of the serial so far.

Who are the guitar players that appear in the soap opera Pantanal?

Gabriel Sater, Almir Sater, Chico Teixeira and Tibério are the singers who gained characters in the TV Globo remake. The public has enjoyed following who are the violists of the soap opera Pantanal and many have received rivers of praise on social networks.

Almir and Gabriel, father and son, won a duel of their own on stage. The duo appeared in a circle around a fire on José Leôncio’s farm and battled with their fingers on the guitar.

Trinity: played by Gabriel Sater, the guitar player in the novel Pantanal is a farmhand who appears on José Leôncio’s farm and is hired by Tibério. The character’s first appearance is beside the old man by the river, who is shot by Muda. The pawn saves the guardian’s life and reveals a pact with the devil.

Gabriel appears in Globo’s prime time for the first time, but has acted before. Almir Sater’s son was in the soap opera Meu Pedacinho de Chão (2014) and in the film Coração de Cowboy (2018).

Eugene: the chalaneiro is played by Almir Sater and one of the guitar players in the soap opera Pantanal. He is a widowed man who does not let go of his guitar in the feuilleton and is responsible for supplying the residents of the region, in addition to the crossing of the visitors.

In 1990, Almir Sater played Trindade in the original version of the telenovela Pantanal, a role that today belongs to his son. He also starred in the classic soap opera A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão (1991), in addition to O Rei do Gado (1996) and Bicho do Mato (2006 – 2007).

Kim: actor who appeared only in the first phase of the novel Pantanal, the character Quim was played by Chico Teixeira. Son of one of the great musicians of the genre in the country, Renato Teixeira, Chico made his debut as an actor and played one of the employees of José Leôncio’s farm.

Tiberius: the faithful administrator of Jose Leôncio’s land is played by Guito, a singer from Minas Gerais. In the original version of the novel, the role was played by Sérgio Reis, who shared many musical moments alongside Almir Sater. The character of Tiberius is also Guito’s debut in an acting career. The famous has now started to venture into a new career and manages his own farm in Araxá, Minas Gerais.

who are the violists of the soap opera pantanal
Who are the violists of the novel Pantanal from left to right: Almir Sater, Gabriel Sater, Chico Teixeira and Guito – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

The actress who plays Maria Bruaca is the sister of a singer

Isabel Teixeira, who plays Maria Bruaca, is the sister of Chico Teixeira, known as Quim. The actress is also the daughter of singer Renato Teixeira, a great friend of Almir Sater.

Despite her decades-long career, the 48-year-old actress hasn’t made so many screen appearances until then. Most of Isabel’s work took place in the theater.

In 2020, Isabel’s debut in Globo’s prime time took place and she was in her first soap opera. Isabel was Jane in Amor de Mãe, a doctor who was murdered by the character of Adriana Esteves.

Before that, she had acted in the series Desalma (2020), Psi (2014), Beleza S/A (2013) and in the films Os Amigos (2013) and Jogo Duro (1985).

Who will be Maria Bruaca?
Maria Bruaca is played by Isabel Teixeira, the sister of an actor who plays one of the guitar players in the soap opera Pantanal – Photo: Globo/João Miguel Júnior

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