Tiberio dies in the soap opera Pantanal?  Levi leaves pawn in serious condition

Anyone who knows the original plot of Manchete, whether because they researched everything before the remake premiered or watched the original version in 1990, already knows who dies in the soap opera Pantanal. Some names said goodbye to the serial in the chapters that aired since the premiere of the new version in March, others will still meet their death in the course of the next episodes.

Who will still die in the soap opera Pantanal?

Four characters are yet to die in the novel Pantanal Roberto, Solano, Tenório and José Leôncio. To those who follow the serial daily, three of them are already familiar faces and presented to the public, however, Solano has not yet appeared in the plot and will arrive in the plot soon.

From what has been revealed so far, some changes will happen between the 1990 version and the 2022 remake directed by Bruno Luperi in Roberto’s death, which this time will not be the target of a giant anaconda.

Roberto: in the Manchete version, Roberto was killed by an anaconda during a boat trip in which he was alone. However, in 2022, the boy will be murdered by Solano, according to Patrícia Kogut of O Globo. According to the journalist, the boy will ask questions to the jagunço after an attempt on the life of Zé Lucas and so the killer will be afraid of being caught for the crime.

The young man will be tricked by Solano and then he will drown in the soap opera Pantanal. Also according to Kogut, the decision to change the boy’s death is due to a message of preservation, so Luperi did not want to leave the snake as a “villain”.

For those who don’t know, Solano is contracted by Tenório to deal with José Leôncio’s family. The villain pays for the killer to solve his problems and José Lucas ends up being the first victim. Zé Leôncio’s firstborn is shot, but survives under the care of the old man from the river.

Solan: in the 1990 version, the jagunço dies at the hands of Juma. If nothing changes in the remake, after cornering the girl in the tapera, who at this point in the plot is pregnant, the bad character gets bad when he threatens Juma and the baby of Maria Marruá’s daughter. The girl turns into a jaguar and kills the jagunço.

One of the changes between the two versions is in the name of the jagunço. In 1990, he was called Teodoro and now he will be Solano.

Tenorio: the villain played by Murilo Benício will not escape the consequences of his actions. If the events of the Manchete version are repeated in 2022, Teodoro dies in the soap opera Pantanal at the hands of Alcides. The pawn decides to take revenge on his rival after being castrated and counts on Zaquieu’s help to corner Teodoro in the river.

While Zaquieu distracts Teodoro and tries to hit him with a shot, Alcides approaches and plunges a spear into the bad guy’s belly. Afterwards, he throws the body of Maria Bruaca’s husband to the piranhas. The scene will still take time to happen in the remake, as it is a moment of the final stretch of the plot.

José Leoncio: in the last chapter of the 1990 version of Pantanal, José Leôncio died of a massive heart attack. The character marries Filó and the day after the ceremony he dies. The farmer’s health shows signs of concern in the final stretch of the serial, but it is only in the final moments of the plot that the king of cattle is brought down for good.

Trindade and Velho do Rio do not die, but leave. Gabriel Sater’s character will leave the serial after the birth of his son with Irma, if the moments shown in the 1990 version are repeated. not allowed, on account of his pact with the devil.

Trindade ends up leaving José Leôncio’s farm while Irma is still pregnant, but returns on the day of the baby’s birth. Irma has a hard time during childbirth and complications delay the arrival of the child. Trindade appears quickly and performs the birth of his own son. Then he leaves and never returns.

The old man from the river remains in the plot until the last chapter, but he says goodbye to the position of guardian of the swamp and the Leôncio family. In the final moments of the plot, the old man from the river has his first meeting with Zé Leôncio, after the farmer has a heart attack and dies.

During the conversation between father and son, the old man from the river says he is tired and wants to leave. Then the entity goes to the riverbank and disappears. The guardian’s belongings pass into the hands of José Leôncio, who becomes the successor of the old man from the river.

Who has died in the soap opera Pantanal

Many characters have already said goodbye to the plot and died in the soap opera Pantanal. So far, most of the deaths have happened in the same way as in the 1990 version, such as the Madeleine accident. The scene in which Levi is devoured by piranhas had a few changes, because in the Manchete scenes, Tiberius doesn’t shoot the pawn and doesn’t even have time to try to save his rival.

Levi: one of the most recent deaths in the plot, Leandro Lima’s character had a boating accident while being chased by Tiberius. Levi fell into the river and ended up being devoured by piranhas. He was already wounded by a bullet because of Juma, who hurt him to protect Muda, with whom the bad character was obsessed. Just before the escape, the pawn had kidnapped Muda to try to get the young woman once and for all, but failed.

Madeleine: Jove’s mother died in a plane crash en route to the swamp. After a nasty fight with Irma, the digital influencer talked to her mother and reflected that she needed to reconcile with her family. She then leaves for Mato Grosso do Sul in the hope of talking to her sister, her son and her ex-husband, but on the way her plane crashes because of bad weather and she does not survive.

Maria Marruá: Juma’s mother is the victim of the jagunço who traveled with Muda to the swamp to take revenge on the Marruá family. The killer cornered Juliana Paes’ character, who fought hard, but could not survive the villain’s attack.

Gil: the past of the Marruá in Paraná has several consequences. In addition to Maria’s death, Gil is also murdered by a jagunço who was looking for revenge. He dies while Juma is still very small and has his death avenged by Maria, who ends up with the man who took the life of her lover.

boy: The third son of Maria Marruá and Gil, and the only one who remained alive at the beginning of the feuilleton, Chico dies during the family’s fight for land in Paraná in the soap opera Pantanal. The whole mess is the fault of Tenório, who tricked the couple and sold land that didn’t belong to him. So the duo lost money and the real owner of the place never saw a penny.

Muda and Alcides’ parents: and speaking of the confusion caused by Tenório’s coup, Muda and Alcides’ families were also affected. The girl’s father and the pawn’s father ended up dead during the war between families and landowners that devastated the place. Alcides’ father was killed by Juma’s brother, Chico, while Muda’s father was targeted by Gil.

Young: José Leôncio’s father, Joventino disappears at the beginning of the telenovela and nobody knows what really happened to him. In the original version of Manchete, in 1990, it is revealed in the last chapter that Joventino died hunting a marruá alone in the woods. He fell off his horse during the fight with the ox and ended up bitten by a snake on the neck. Then his body disappeared as he became the old man of the river.

Tiao and Quim: Joventino’s peons who later continued working for José Leôncio, the duo gained prominence in the first phase of the feuilleton and died in the second phase of the telenovela. Tião had an accident with a tractor and did not survive. Quim could not bear to be separated from his friend and died shortly after Tião.

Levi’s death was one of the most shocking endings of the soap opera so far:

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