who does paula stay with at the end of the soap opera the more life the better

The owner of Terrare Cosméticos has a troubled romance with Neném. The football player has already planned to break up with the character to be with Rose more than once, however, the character of Antonelli did not accept well in any of these situations and has even come to lie that he was dying not to lose his beloved. Who does Paula end up with at the end of the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor? Will she remain stuck in the romance with Neném? Check out!

Who is Paula with at the end of Quanto Mais Vida Melhor?

Who Paula stays with at the end of the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor is still a mystery. The ending of Giovanna Antonelli’s character is the only one among the protagonists of the plot that has not leaked so far. However, it seems that the businesswoman can finish the serial alone.

What is known so far is that she will not stay with Neném. After humiliating herself many times for the football player, who clearly loves Rose more, Flávia’s mother will put her passion aside.

Thus, Paula can stay at the end of the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor with someone who hasn’t even appeared in the plot yet, a character in the cast that until now had not drawn enough attention or even without anyone. At least two happinesses are reserved for Paula’s ending for now: it has already been revealed that the businesswoman will be spared by Death and will not say goodbye to the world of the living at the end of the plot.

Plus, she’s going to be a grandma! Flávia becomes pregnant with Guilherme. Valentina Herszage’s character struggles to forgive her mother after she discovers the truth about her abandonment, but before the plot ends, the two settle down.

Who stays with whom at the end of the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor?

Without Paula, who until now has not been revealed if she stays with someone in the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor, Neném will be able to be happy next to her true and great love, Rose. The triangle will finally come to an end and the football player will be alongside his beloved in a happy ending, according to TV Observatory.

When the telenovela had not even reached the halfway point, the information leaked to the media that Neném was the member who would die in the protagonist quartet. However, a few months later, it was revealed by Patrícia Kogut, from O Globo, that the station changed its mind and decided to leave Neném, Paula, Guilherme and Flávia alive.

And speaking of Guilherme and Flávia, the couple stays together at the end of the soap opera Quanto Mais Vida Melhor. To further improve the duo’s situation, they become parents. In the final stretch of the serial, there is a passage of time in which Flávia is already 7 months pregnant.

It has not yet been revealed who Paula stays with at the end of the soap opera As Mais Vida Melhor or if the character ends up alone – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

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