Who is Alanis Guillen's Boyfriend

Alanis Guillen is the new darling on the block. Juma from the Pantanal remake has already won over the public with her interpretation of the young woman who turns into a jaguar, has been invited on Globo programs, has appeared in a TV commercial and has almost 800,000 fans on Instagram. Who is Alanis Guillen’s boyfriend is also something that the curious on duty want to know.

Who is Alanis Guillen’s Boyfriend?

Alanis Guillen is currently single. Rumors pointed out that the boyfriend of the interpreter of Juma from the soap opera Pantanal was the actor Jesuíta Barbosa, who plays with the girl in the plot of 9 on the Globo network. However, in an interview with Quem at the beginning of May, the artist denied the romance.

Speculation escalated after Alanis made a statement to her co-star on Instagram. “It’s laughter, laps, crying, crazy things, admiration, daydreams. Jesuíta Barbosa, nice to be in this with you,” he wrote.

In a good mood, the actor joked that he hopes that the repercussion that he would be Alanis Guillen’s boyfriend will bring good results to the soap opera. “I hope this gives a boost to the telenovela and people watch it (…) We are happy with the success of the telenovela”, he commented.


In 2019, Alanis gave an interview to Maria Claire and spoke about her sexuality for the first time in the media. The girl declared herself bisexual, that is, she dates both men and women.

“I learned a lot from my relationships, both with women and men. It’s beautiful for you to respect yourself, and it would be even more beautiful if the world respected the individuality of the other. It is important to give voice to these many people,” she declared.

Despite talking about her sexuality with ease, the actress keeps her personal life out of the spotlight. Juma de Pantanal has not revealed to this day if she dated any artist, whether male or female. What the São Paulo woman told so far in interviews at the time she was in Malhação, was that at the moment she had no time because of work and before thinking about romance she prioritized being friends with the person first.

who is alanis guillen's boyfriend
Actor denied that he is Alanis Guillen’s boyfriend – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@alanissguillen/@silveropereira

Jesuit Barbosa is dating?

Until last year, Jesuíta was considered the boyfriend of actor and photographer Fábio Audi. The two never openly confirmed their romance, but over the course of seven years they shared photos together, were seen on outings and even dropped a “my love” from time to time on Instagram.

As Jesuíta has always preferred to keep his personal life away from the media and has never actually claimed to date Fábio, the end has not been officially confirmed by the couple either. However, according to sources from Purepeople and Extra, the duo’s romance has come to an end.

It was also at the end of last year, in an interview with Folha de São Paulo, that Jesuíta said he was in a “very straight phase”. The comment made the rumors of the breakup with Fábio even bigger. Just like Alanis Guillen, who so far does not seem to have a boyfriend, Jesuit also declares herself bisexual.

jesuit and fabio
The alleged couple has already appeared in clicks on social networks – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@jesuitabarbosa

Will Juma and Jove stay together in Pantanal?

Since Jesuíta Barbosa says he is not Alanis Guillen’s boyfriend, at least the public will be able to see the duo as a couple in the soap opera Pantanal. Juma and Jove finish the series side by side and still in the position of parents.

After some obstacles that the couple has to overcome, due to the differences between them, Juma marries Jove and they start a life together in the swamp. The duo does not return to live in Rio de Janeiro, as Juma does not get used to life in the city and returns to his place of origin.

In the final stretch of the serial, Juma becomes pregnant with Jove and gives birth to a girl named Maria Marruá Leôncio. After many requests for Juma to leave her beloved tapera behind, she finally goes to live with Jove on the boy’s father’s farm. When José Leôncio dies, the business ends up in the hands of Jove, who counts on the help of the brothers in the task.

José Leôncio is not happy at the beginning of the duo’s romance, check it out:

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